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SEO On-Page Optimization Tips

SEO is traditionally divided into two main areason-page optimization which refers to what can bedone on the pages of the site itselfand off-page optimization refers to the activities that take placeelse where.

The most effective strategy in 2012 against (social media powered SEOrequires an integrated approach to the off-page content promoted in the major social media channelsClick on the followinglink for more information on social media SEO learning - future proof SEO strategy that deliversexceptional results now.

You can also click here to learn more about how off-page SEO has had to adapt to the changingalgorithms of search engines still in force in 2012.

Finallyif you're more interested in on page SEOwe should probably warn you thatalthough it is stillvery important to optimize the-page factors, it is extremely unlikely that in his own workunless yourparticular market nicheRead on for:

       A checklist provides important areas to consider when examining the SEO page.
       A list of common mistakes to look out for on page SEO.
       A list of the old school SEO ("spam") on page tactics that search engines are now able to recognize and punish accordingly.

 On-Page SEO Checklist:
    keyword selection, research and testing
    Meta Description tag
    ALT tags
    H1 tags
    URL structure
    Internal linking strategy
    Keyword density
    Site maps, both XML and user facing
    Usability and accessibility
    Track target keywords
    Expect results in 6-12 months

on-page SEO mistakes:

    Duplicate content
    URL variants of the same pages
    Off-site images and content on-site
    Duplicate title tags

SEO tactics:

    Hidden text
    Hidden links
    Keyword repetition
    Doorway pages
    Mirror pages


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