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List of Top 10 Social networking sites for 2013

List of 10 best social media/social networking websites-around the World-2013
Social networking sites have been dominating the Internet world since the last decade and this was the time when Facebook started gaining popularity among not only upper group, but also in lower group user base.
This huge popularity charisma of Facebook gave birth to the new brigade (crowed? ) of social networking and social media websites, and some of them got successful to touch the desired magical number of top 10 highest unique monthly visitors among best social networking websites . Facebook, Twitter, and now Google  Plus (since the last 2-3 years) have become synonymous for social media websites. With their right approach and making good grip on delivering as per online user's interests.

What could be good alternates to Facebook? we thought over the same and decided to publish this easy and comprehensive list of Top 10 social networking sites for all over the world as per the stand reports by Alexa ranking and total number of social networking global user base.

Here goes the list summed up in Top 10 best social media websites for 2013 :-

#1 Facebook
You already knew about that - what other social networking web site could be at number #1 spot other than all people's favorite Facebook ! Facebook - the biggest social media giant in the world - consistently for more than a decade. Facebook is here to stay!
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#2 Twitter
Initially Twitter - the hash tag #God - was thought to be a micro networking website only suitable for intellectuals and influence makers, but thanks to the popularity of micro-blogging, the '140 characters' king has finally become well known and common people have well accepted it.
If 'sharing' was meant for Facebook, 'followers' were in Twitter's side !
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#3 LinkedIn
After spending long hours on Facebook and Twitter, what do people do? They become serious, they get into business- they go to LinkedIn. They behave professionally. Business and profession talks. But LinkedIn is breaking the seriousness and its users are moving to the global/ social talks along with spending time in strengthening their professional acumen.
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#4 Google+
Search engine God Google was quick to recognize the never ending presence of social networking and media sites. What happened then? Google launched its Google+ social media site and not only it brought Google Plus into mainstream, but also it made Google Plus Top 4th social networking site in the world - in just 3 years. Kudos !
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#5 MySpace- We can't forget Myspace, can we? ( why i am saying this? ..read on )
After all, Myspace was the first social networking site to reach at a very high level long before Facebook became what it is today. Myspace created a lot of buzz and it was the first social networking in real sense that made people really well aware about online social media and social social networking. Facebook remained quite unnoticed during its starting years.

Myspace was started in 2003, just one year before the Facebook was launched (in 2004) . And Facebook went on for years without getting the real popularity among the mass people. It only started gaining visibility around 2009-10 when school-college-office going persons started talking about it seriously-and-so-frequently . And that was the time when Myspace started loosing its sheen, charm, and popularity . Now Facebook has taken that appeal and visibility what it used to be with Myspace.

BUT, Myspace is still the number one choice of special kind of social media frenzied people - Music, Movies, Video albums, celebrity gossips are still best discussed at Myspace!     

#6 Pinterest
People like pictures, and if they like them very well- they are bound to share them with their friends and families. This is one of the best parts of what made Facebook where it is today now- yes, pictures ! How could some one who knew this 'picture' perfect fact of Facebook along with having some good money and a sharp mind, live behind without launching a website full of beautiful pictures ( and features similar to Facebook, like liking, sharing, commenting) like Pinterest. 
Yes, Pinterest = Some of (Facebook+Twitter ) 

Pinterest has some of the Facebook attributes :Uploading and sharing pictures (they call it 'Pins') + making comments.
Pinterest also combined the main attribute of Twitter = Following others.
But Pinterest has really caught people's imagination and now small/medium businesses also do remember including Pinterest into their online social media campaigns . 

#7 Orkut 
Similar to what happened Myspace, Orkut also became another victim to Facebook. Prior to the fame of Facebook, Orkut was the first choice of teenagers, youths, and school-college going students. Slowly their visits become more frequent on Facebook rather than Orkut. But, Orkut is still in its best form and has all the great concepts of a social networking site. And now Google has started backing it by including Google Plus options for sharing and connecting . Google had introduced Google Plus to fight the increasing presence of Facebook over Orkut and its other searching features.
OrKut is OK

#8 Badoo
It seems that the period of 2003-2006 was the most suitable time for the inception of online social networking websites. Badoo, Hi5, My Space, Facebook, Orkut, and many other social media sites - all of them were launched in this period.
Badoo is another great social networking hub for the people who want to date/chat/interact with similar minds . More than 180 million registered users on Badoo.com. Even Badoo Facebook page has more than 8.7 Million likes. 0.5 Million votes on Google Games apps. 

#9 Tagged & Hi5
Hi5 is a multilingual - now overtaken by Tagged - social networking site that was launched in 2003 by Ramu Yalamanchi, an Indian computer science graduate. Hi5 is mainly a social networking website- along with status updating/comments/sharing features -is popular for the gaming activities on it. Hi5 is a top 10 social networking sites in more than 25 countries across the world while its now owner company-another social networking legend-Tagged is included among top Inc 500 companies ! Tagged is also a social gaming giant networking site boating of more than 19 millionregistered users all over the world.

#10 Flickr
Flickr social networking site is totally dedicated to image/photo/pics lovers, artists, amateur photographers, professional photographers, bloggers.  Here you will find the photos taken by common people and artists alike. Initially, Flicker was meant to store your photos online, slowly with the inception of social media networking, Flicker also got its share of profit. It's owned by Yahoo, though Flickr is a rather new entry in social networking websites when you talk about sites likeFacebook and Twitter. Yet, it's a great networking site for a special purpose. Did i say pictures?   


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