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Social Bookmarking | Make Money Posting Bookmarks

10 Best places to get bookmarking jobs | or selling your social bookmark submission services| earning while posting bookmarks work offering websites and resources| How to start your professional social bookmark submission services | Bookmarking business
You can earn good money with your bookmarking skills. Start your own manual bookmarking services and sale your bookmark submission services to other internet marketers, bloggers, and SEO's. Easy, real, and legitimate ways to earn good online income by providing bookmarking services on individual or professional level without investing anything.

How to search bookmarking jobs and where you can get freshonline jobs for posting bookmarks on best social media sites, sharing sites, Web 2.0 sites, blogs, networking sites ?

  • Every day thousands of social bookmarking jobs and assignments are posted by big brand SEO companies as well as professional internet marketers to fulfill their social bookmark submission requirements. 
  • Many online employment and job communities, online job groups, recruiting sites, job boards have temporary openings/assignments/projects that they want to outsource to someone who have good experience of posting in social media sites and social bookmarking websites.  
  • Getting work from home bookmarking jobs or assignments could be simpler or harder depending upon experience and how you showcase your work profile or portfolio to the employers or project submitters.  
  • You got to be a little smarter to get good bookmarking assignments easily from high paying social media professionals or small SEO and Social Media companies !

Some Common eligibility/skills/attributes required to get bookmarking online jobs/assignments 
You should be very well familiar with variety of social media activities like social bookmarking, bookmark submission, internet marketing, commenting, blogging, posting, and you should be very well-connected with social media world through Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, etc. Must have some knowledge about SEO, affiliate marketing, online advertising techniques, Web 2.0 concepts, etc.

How to start your own bookmarking business?

There are several thousands small businesses that are earning good money by offering bookmark submission services to those who want to grow SEO, backlinks, and search engine traffic on their web pages but don't have time/skills to do it their own. These people otsources their SEO, backlink generation, bookmark posting work to these professionals who are willing to provide quality bookmark posting services in affordable prices. Here are Top 10 online market places to sale your manual bookmarking services : 
#1 ODesk 
oDesk is probably the best place for SEO freelancers and bloggers where you could search small-medium level assignments and work projects on daily basis. oDesk is the mediator/facilitator/platform that takes care of all your payments/transactions. 
Bookmark submission projects and assignments   

#2 Simply Hired
You can find/search bookmarking projects and assignments onSimply Hired as it is a great social media job search engine. You can also create email alerts for the types of jobs you are interested in !
Social bookmarking online jobs

#3 Earn money through bookmark submission via Selling small social bookmarking services on Fiverr for $5 per order !
Fiverr is a favorite place for buyers and sellers both ! Internet marketers, affiliates, bloggers, companies, and webmasters come at Fiverr to get cheaper but genuine,  small but quality SEO and marketing services from several thousand small level professional who sale every order in ONLY $5. Fiverr is a very popular online marketing platform where you can easily establish your bookmarking services, the only things needed are : hard work, honesty, and a bit of creativity !
Start selling your bookmarking services at Fiverr 

#4 ebay: list your small bookmark submission services free on ebay and make money delivering small orders through your ebay online stores.
eBay : a world famous online platform for buying and selling anything anywhere in the world ! Go, create your bookmarking online store free on eBay 

#5 Zeerk : make good money via providing bookmark submission services
Zeerk is a good website to display your bookmarking, internet marketing, backlinks services to potential buyers that are interested in services like your ! Zeerk gets good traffic for your services and showcases them to their online users .You can sell services ranging from $2 to $100 per successful order.  Register on Zeerk and get orders  

#6 SEO Clerks- A hub place for SEO/ marketing/ backlinks/ bookmarking services
SEO Clerks, as the name suggests, offers a good platform to both parties : buyers as well sellers. At SEO Clerks you will find all types of buyers : affiliates, marketers, bloggers, webmasters, advertisers, agencies, companies, and those who want to outsource their work ! You can find white hat and black hat SEO services being sold with the same pace and zeal. Make good online while selling your social bookmarking work on SEO Clerks

#7 Doopster : Enlist your professional bookmarking services on Doopster
Comparatively a smaller platform than Fiverr, and it's very new, but similar to Fiverr, though you should enlist your bookmarking services here too. Get going on Doopster 

#8 Gigbucks :Sell your social bookmark submission services from $5-$50 per gig
Gigbucks is another place similar to Fiverr, but here unlike Fiverr your earning per order could be anywhere between $5 to $50 . Gigbucks is a great place to showcase and market your social bookmarking services to a larger audience and you can earn handsome monthly income if you get succeeded in offering good services to your clients. Showcase your bookmark submission services at Gigbucks

#9 Search and find assignments on LinkedIn groups 
LinkedIn is expanding its range to cater the job and professional services requirement to a broader prospective. Now you can see SEO, affiliates, marketers discussion and outsourcing their SEO and submission work to freelancers and small level professionals. Being active on LinkedIn SEO groups could fetch you good work assignments and improve long term business prospects. Make it a point to give some time exploring new horizons at LinkedIn. 
Social Bookmarking projects on Linkedin

#10 Contact your local SEO company
If you know a good SEO company in your local area, contact them and offering your freelancing services could be a great idea to find good work and it could prove beneficial in many ways for long term. But you have to convince them with your work experience and related work skills. You can search local SEO companies on Google Places  

PS Most of the internet marketers and professionals who provide SEO submission and bookmarking services get their work done with the help of leading bookmarking software programs otherwise offering submission services to thousands bookmarking sites is not possible in $5 or $10. It depends, there are people who are willing to pay you $5- $10 happily for a manual bookmark submission to 20-30bookmarking websites ! It depends on how far you want to go !   


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