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SEO Techniques, White Hat preferable to Black Hat

SEO Techniques

SEO techniques: White Hat preferable to Black Hat
Seo Techniques is uses to index in major search engines and to get unique traffic to your website.

SEO Techniques into two different types:
White Hat :
  • White hats produce is long lasting results and fallows the search engine guidelines. White hat primarily in creating a unique content for user, not for search engines.
  • Whereas black hats bring a short term result and your sites may be banned once the search engines detect what they are up to.
  • White Hat is increases the values and rely more on the quality of content and marketing skills to achieve top ranking. White Hats techniques times to ranking in search engines and avoid shortcut methods.
  • White Hats have their rewards as they are able to get more inbound links from other websites, because their content is widely appreciated as valuable.
Black Hat:
  • Black hat is not seo friendly, means not authorized by search engines to improve rankings.
  • Black Hat method is also known as SEO spamming.
  • Black Hat SEO brings you small results in search engines compare to white hat.
  • Black Hat provides you the instant results but when the search engines detects then the website will banned.
My suggestion is that instead of spending a lot of time and money on black hat strategies, it is much easier to work on white hat technique to makes the website and content more rank-worthy.
White Hat tactics is free risk and need to fear of being banned by the search engines and losses of visitors who come to your website will be impressed by the quality of content and patronize you.
It's true to say that both black hat techniques and white hat techniques can generate both short term and long term results for clients, whether results are measured in terms of rankings, traffic, conversion or profit.

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