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Google External Keyword Tool Close In August?

Google External Keyword Tool Close In August?

Google akan menutup layanan External Keyword Tool Gratisnya
This is not a tutorial or tricks, just want to remind for the SEO practitioner if Google External Keyword Tool will close next month. So to do keyword research , my friends have to use another tool from Google.

Closure Announcement On Page External Keyword Tool

For those who frequently perform keyword research must have often seen the announcement at the top of this screen.
pengumuman bahwa Google External Keyword Tool gratis akan ditutup dan digantikan oleh keyword planner
Obviously from the picture above that we will have to log into AdWords and Keyword Planner uses to search for desired keywords. I think it was just that there are some people who say the use of tools in the free adwords account has a time limit.

So if the deadline had passed and we have not done the upgrade, then the tool will not we can use again. I myself do not know the truth of this issue, but I also have received notification to upgrade your ad campaigns on my adwords account .... So it may be true ....

Google Keyword Tool Keyword Planner External Replacement

Google has prepared a replacement tool external keyword tool that will close next month, the Google Keyword Planner. But yes it was .... this one tool can only be accessed if you activate your Google Adwords account.

Another issue is how to use them is also different from the external Keyword Tool.Keyword Planner has a feature that is more complex and more complete course, so there are some things we need to learn from scratch. But we are learning ya later ....

Ok, so the broadcast today (^ _ ^)


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