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How Comments Can Increase Organic Traffic or SERP?

How Comments Can Increase Organic Traffic or SERP?

In my earlier posts, I have shared lot of SEO tips that are required for every blogger. Today, I bring another great and unique topic for you that is optimizing the comments to increase SERP. Yes you heard it right. If you know how to make use of blog comments effectively, then surely you can improve your blog ranking. But most of bloggers usually ignore this fact or due to lack of knowledge they don’t do it. That’s why I am writing this post so that you can get a clear idea on how to take benefits of your comments to improve your blog rankings in search engines
Comments Improve SERP
May be you don’t know that Google also read the comments and index them as same as content. Using comments and allowing others to leave comment on our blog is the smart way to keep our blog updated. But to protect blog from sharing page rank with others, we should make our blog comment links no follow.

Role of Comments in Improving SERP

If you are thinking that how comments can help to improve the SERP, then there is no surprise because this is an obvious question. But the below list of answers will clear your all the doubts and you will come to know the real power of commenting system.
Benefits of Comments
  1. Allowing readers to leave the comment about the topic is the best way to engage them and build a strong relationship with them always.

  2. When our readers leave the comments on our blog posts, then our post automatically get updates with fresh content in the form of comments.

  3. When readers ask their queries in the comment section, then their comments add more value to our content. Because there are lot of internet users who search the information in the question form. It will help our content to rank in those cases too.

  4. Answering the user’s queries is nothing but simply updating our content with more ideas and solutions. In that way our posts always keep alive and current.

  5. Comments also play a role of a powerful updating system that helps us to increase blog traffic too.

Your Feedback!

This was today’s topic on how comments can help to improve SERP. I hope you enjoyed the topic. Please give your valuable feedback about my thoughts. If you have queries or suggestions then feel free to share them by dropping a comment below this post. I really enjoy reading your comments. See you soon. Keep commenting :)


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