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How To Become 1 Ranking On Google

How To Become 1 Ranking On Google

How to become rank 1 in Google's easy bother. Depends on the value of the keyword competition you're after. Currently my own blog is very difficult to be rank 1, because this blog is still exposed to the effects of the remnants of my last experiment ....

Why Recent Experiments Make It Difficult To Blog Rank 1?

In my last experiment .... I experimented with the composition of backlinks that are not ideal. The goal is to get into shape over optimization . Obviously this is very dangerous, because I did not even suspect there will be a major update of Google in May that target blogs that perform excessive optimization.

Be careful not to over-optimization experiencing this condition, because it turns out will be very difficult to reach rank 1 if it is in this condition. I am still very hassles in neutralizes unnatural backlink from this blog seo easy trick, but at least there is a gradual increase ....This blog has not removed it already thanks once (-_-)

I've tried using the link disavow tools but will likely have to be careful also used as a tool to deny this link ....

The Things To Look Basics Of SEO

This time I want to share some simple things about tips to win at page one. But before I begin discussing basic tips to be rank 1 in Google, I want my friends to remember the basic rules of building a lively blog visitors, namely:
  1. Use a blog template SEO Friendly
  2. Diligently adding a quality article
  3. Doing Link Building is natural or at least seem natural
The first point is only done at the beginning of it and do not get too often edit the template.The second and third points that must be done repeatedly, until the popular blog. There is no magic button that you can press and popular blog tomorrow ....

If you are lazy to search for backlinks, then be diligent to make the article. If you're too lazy to write an article, then the diligent search for backlinks. But the best of course if you do both diligently ....

Some Additional Tips For Being Rank 1 In Google

Hierarchy of headings should be good blog

Hierarchy in terms of a good blog headings will help you improve your position in Google.Make sure the most important points in the given page h1 tag, and the discussion points given h2 tag. If h2 still have discussion points, then give h3 tag. Use bullets or numbering also for subsequent points, as this will make your blog seem professional.

Short paragraphs Home

This short paragraph is intended to provide a brief overview of the contents of your article.This paragraph should also contain the keywords that you're after, and make sure the given bold. I myself used to put the main short paragraph at the beginning or at least the second or third paragraph.

Inter did Interlinking Articles

Make sure each article that you have created possessed the link to the article. The more important an article on a blog, the more the link also refers to the article. This will make the article has the greatest power of all the articles that are in the blog .... and make the article a great opportunity to reach rank 1 in Google if you do it right optimization.

Use the Sitemap on Your Blog

This sitemap will help your blog visitors to search for a list of articles you have. But there is one thing to note here, that is the number of links should be limited to only 100 links for each sitemap.

Why should it be limited like that? Because the average Google will crawl the page to 100KB size text only version of the browser. After that I will leave the page. Usually it has a page size 100KB 100 links course, so if you want to make sure all the links to read, then limit your sitemap link on.

Use Title Tag The Descriptive

This is a very important factor in your plans to pursue a position 1 ranking in Google. Title tag has a role and a very great points, so do not waste the title tag. There are basic rules of the title tag should you pay attention to the "MORE IMPORTANT IN THE FUTURE", so that the keywords you are targeting should be in the early title tag .... For blogspot users learned in the article how to install the title tag .

Title tag limited to 70 characters, but from personal experience title tag should limit of 5-10 words.

Use Meta Description The Natural

Usually a lot of bloggers who use the meta description of a term with so much repetition of keywords. You should not do it .... 100-150 character is very pretty and there are words that should not be repeated more than twice ....

Perform Link Building That Impressed Natural

After the era of this penguin is something that is very important to keep the friends limit.Do not like it used to be where we are greedily looking for backlinks, because this 100 day quality backlinks look natural and really pretty to slam blogs with 10,000 unnatural backlink ....

I have never used a technique exchange links , link wheel, or advanced techniques that are often mentioned in the forum, so I can not recommend it. But if my friends think to do it go ahead. I'm doing this just for commenting on blogs, forums and social bookmarking submit.

When asked what it was a natural backlink? I will not discuss it here, because it's tolerable to be made a separate article .... But as a guide for my friends, please find 5 articles on wikipedia and enter its URL into ahrefs.com and compare data and graphics from five to the URL, then your friends will find a natural backlink character ....

Ok, good luck with your efforts to rank 1 ..... I also still have homework to this my blog.Success for blog friends .....


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