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How To Be 1st Place Google?

berusaha meraih posisi ranking 1 di SERP Google

How to Be 1st Google? Actually the entire contents of this blog is to discuss the problem on this one. It's just that after reading many comments, I conclude that there are many blogger friends that confusion in pursuing a position on the first page.

Therefore this time I will try to make an example of a case where I would simulate what steps will I do to win first position in search results. Let's just say that I seek the keyword is "how to care for antique motor" .... So what should I do to master this keyword?

Before we go any further .... make sure you have installed the browser add-on SEO, if not follow the guidelines here .

1st First Stage So Google: Observe Toughest Competitors

Memantau website sang juara 1 itu wajib

To win the first position in Google search results, then automatically we have to beat the champions of the master keyword at this time. So the very first that we did was spy on THE PEAK CURRENT POSITION HOLDERS ....

So who is to be our toughest competitors for this keyword? It turns out ... (See picture below, yes)

contoh hasil pencarian di mesin pencari

From the observation at a glance, it appears that this keyword does not include heavy competition. If you just want to go in the first page only can be very easy, because the second-placed optimization was not done at all. It could be said blogspotnya still virgin and unspoiled.

But if you want to be the first champion, seems still takes effort. Even need a lot of effort if your blog is still really new.

Observing blog offpage factors competitor

To observe factors offpage optimization blog competitor, the most first we have seen of the report on the browser add-on we are the pagerank of the page. Turns pageranknya is PR2 and alexa is 86 763. Maybe there blogger friends who say "Well, page rank is 2!"
- This is actually not directly make shrunken novice blogger friends ... so what if PR2?

We have to find out first whether this is the result of optimization pagerank on the article or because it has a high PR homepage. After observing the homepage and find out backlink on the blog, apparently PageRank relies on the article page points to valuable PR5 homepage. From here we can also see that the admin of the website is the notion of optimization ....

It is a signal that optimizations we might be a little tough to clinch first position ....

After observing pagerank, it's time to observe alexa rank , .... turns Alexa rank of this website is also not kidding, that is 86 763. This means that visitors of this website range in amount already thousands per day .... With thousands of visits per day can be concluded that the website is already reaping so much traffic from Google ....

If the website has reaped so many visits from the Google, then there will be the reputation of these visits that are stored on Google like bounce ratio, duration of visits, and number of pages viewed per visit. Everything is a contributing factor of reputation besides pagerank blog is already very large (PR5) ....

Once again, this could also be a signal that our optimization can be difficult

After knowing the homepage PR is so big, it looks like I am interested to know one more thing .... This domain has been how long competitors into the cache / database Google?So I want to do a little test on the Google blog age .

First of all, I would find out first how many number of pages from this site that have been indexed .... To know that I should include keywords by using the site command .... for more keywords, please see the picture below.
jumlah halaman terindeks dari website pesaing kita

Poorer, oh it turns out ..... This is a community portal site with the amount of indexed pages to reach 108,000 page. A condition of this website that can help control many key words even without optimization though .... to have tens of thousands of articles, is very reasonable if we get tens of thousands of visits per day. So we can assume our competitors for the first position in Google is categorized as a national forum sites (although not big enough) .....

So we can include this in the list of things that worried ....

Furthermore, to know when this blog into Google cache the first time, then I should put on the function and change any SEARCH TOOL TIME be CERTAIN RANGE ....
usia blog sudah 6 tahun

After clicking CERTAIN RANGE pop up will appear to enter the desired time limit. After entering the span of a few times, the most recent time span of the data serve our opponent's end on January 1, 2004 - January 1, 2005. That means that this site was made in 2004. That means this site are over the age of 8 years ....
pop up untuk memasukkan batas waktu yang diinginkan
Increased more factors that worried us ..... ^ _ ^

Observing competitors onpage factors blog
Ok, it was enough that we observe offpage optimization of website's competitors it is time we look at optimization onpagenya ..... so I will invite my friends see SEO blogger bar at the top right, which includes internal and external links, the density (density) keywords, and Diagnosis.
SEO bar untuk mengamati faktor onpage

Notice a few things from the image above:
1. Internal versus external link link
We can see that the ratio is 86:8 it means pagerank flow or flow point of the page is 91% and that's great. This page means maintaining 91% points circled in the website itself, and only 9% of the flow to another domain ....

2. Keyword density
If the button is clicked it will display the density the density of each word on the page ....Since I'm after is the "how to care for antique motor", then I just need to pay attention to 4 word alone. Density turns out after clicking the button, I get the following results:

HOW appeared 6 times
TREATING appeared 4 times
MOTOR appeared 20 times
ANTIQUE appeared 2 times

From here there is good news that the word ANTIQUE only appears twice, but at least it took 3 times appear to be important.

3. Diagnosis
This diagnosis is very important for the beginner because the diagnosis button will display the diagnostics onpage optimization factors with sufficient detail .... If we push the diagnosis button on the competitor's site, then the data that we will get is as below (note: these things will I give a nice blue color, and that was not fun I will give a red color)
Have an old motor? This He How to Take care of him
Title tag is not optimal, I can still win the title tag to compile a "How to Take Care of Antique Motor?"
For those of you who happen to have an old bike at home, but do not quite understand how to care for her, maybe these tips will be useful for you. Yes, it has a motor that is 'old' alias already considered antique (usually the year of manufacture for more than thirty years ago), it takes extra care. Moreover, if you have an old bike that is also quite rare in its class, any maintenance must be properly addressed so that the motors do not 'expire' in the pile of scrap metal.
Even this is not optimal meta description, keywords in it that I seek is still scattered. So I can still win the meta description by injecting one phrase that really composed a "how to care for antique motor". This website was meta description is too long, it should only have a maximum of 160 characters ....
  • <H2>: Got Motor Tua? This He How to Take care of him
  • <H2>: Contribute TNOL Community Flood Victims
  • <H2>: Nasi Goreng Kampung Ala d'ez
  • <H2>: It is He, Tips Relieve Dental Pain
  • <H2>: Want to Join the Community Hijabers UI? This trick
  • <H2>: Tips on Choosing a Pre-Wedding Photographer
  • <H2>: It is He, Eight Easy Ways To Get Pregnant Fast
  • <H2>: Do not be fooled! It's He Buying Tips Used Car Tires
  • <H2>: Tips spirit Keja After Long Weekend
  • <H2>: It is He, 8 Steps to Handle Snakes
  • <H2>: Flood? Quiet ..., and Face It!
  • <H2>: Easy Ways to Take Care of Motor Trail
  • <H2>: Caring Tips to Keep Your Vespa Prima
  • <h3>: Novriyadi
  • <h3>: Other Articles
  • <h3>: Forums
  • <h3>: Tips Tricks
  • <h4>: Tuesday, October 9, 2012
  • <h4>: Sunday, 01/20/2013 04:07 pm
  • <h4>: Saturday, 01/19/2013 00:00 WIB
  • <h4>: Add comment
  • <h4>: Content on this page requires a newer hotel version of Adobe Flash Player.
Oh YES! No <H1>! It's really a very good opportunity to be exploited. Not to mention <H2> also too diverse. The diversity of the subverting focus on the keywords for that page <H2> .....
Conclusion: Heading very bad.
It seems that's all I need to seriously consider the onpage optimization blog, good title tag, meta description, and heading tags yet Optimized everything well and it is an opportunity for repair.

So I have outlined the first step in the SWOT of the first competitors to me:
Strength / Strength:
My strength is knowing that this blog has onpage optimization is not optimal, so I could do a better optimization in terms of onpage.

Weakness / Weakness:
My weakness is if I want to create a site to rival this website, then the site is still really young and had to compete with the 8-year-old community portal to reach the first position.Not to mention this on the portal homepage and the article has a PR5 has PR2 .... That means I'll need a new blog a lot in terms of backlinks optimsasi

Opportunity / Opportunity:
As I said before for the keywords that I seek it, the only thing to worry about is the champion of one, so if you just want to come in the first page alone .... is easy. That means before I became champion 1, article I am going to make rank 2, or 3 and bring in quite a lot of visitors to my blog. While the numbers are certainly not as much as if I won one.

Is there a chance to win one easily? Yes Were There! If the Google Panda algorithm considers that article I still "fresh" and it turns out it also exceeds the weight of the portal earlier article, then maybe this will be very easy. But if I fail to make a quality article SEO, then I am forced to have to play hard in the optimization Offpage later ....

Threat / Threats
At this point another threat not felt, but could have suddenly appeared in the middle of the new threats. For example, other blogs appear to pursue the same keywords .... Or even worse .... The community portal onpagenya fix!

Become a Champion Second Stage One Google: Action!

Action is what is meant? Of action in terms of onpage and offpage ....

Onpage optimization on Your Own Blog
After learning that a competitor has onpage blog is not optimal, then it is a good opportunity. I live to create articles that meet the SEO standards, both in terms of the title tag, meta description, heading tags, and gives bold (bold) at a few important keywords.The point I have to make a fairly detailed article, and if you can dish out something new for readers of my blog ....

Of course before I make it SEO friendly article, I've been using the blog template is also SEO friendly .... The main purpose of SEO Friendly blog template is to ensure <H1> tag on my blog later use important keywords in the article. Even in later civil case, would retain the old template, then you should try to change the blog heading into dynamic heading .

Offpage optimization on Your Own Blog
Of course such Offpage optimization campaign blog and find backlinks should be run. I had to search through thousands of backlinks in a month, using keyword variations are quite diverse ....

Previously I've written articles how to get backlinks free and paid .... but after you install an add-on support in the browser .... later I would invite you hunt pages with high PageRank dofollow backlink to serve .... These pages are worth hundreds of times the normal dofollow page .....

But wait, yes .... just wait for the next article.

Ok, maybe that's all the stages in the pursuit of first or champion rank 1 on Google search results ..... Who need beginner blogger friends remember is that optimization can take quite a long time, which is about 3-4 months before the number of visitors look crowded .... So just be patient blogger ya ....

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