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cara mendownload video dari youtube
How to download youtube videos without software is actually very easy. Youtube itself is a video sharing website in the world's most famous today. A site that appears due to the discontent of the maker of the limitations of email to send the video to friends.Finally made a youtube that later became popular and was bought by Google.

Previous version of youtube which gives access to a fairly easy to download videosuploaded, but this time it has no access can be found in youtube site the last few years.Finally sprung various methods that can be used to download videos from youtube.Ranging from the use downloader software, to which only the form without software and addon.

For you the blogger lovers of SEO, this knowledge may help you to learn, because there are so many SEO tutorial video on the exciting virtual world for you to download.Obviously with downloading, you can save your online quota if should watch the video over and over again ....

To be able to download youtube videos without software, you can use Video DownloadHelper addon from mozilla developer. This addon was recommended because it is very easy to use, and obviously also allows you to download videos from hundreds of sites similar to Youtube ....

To more easily just follow the procedure below: 

INSTALL Video DownloadHelper

layar download addon video downloadhelper
  • If you click the button, usually firefox will confirm whether you allow the process or click ALLOW ALLOW.
  • There will be a process of the download the installer and prompt you if you want to install the addon. If you agree click INSTALL NOW
konfirmasi kesediaan anda untuk menginstall addon video download dari youtube
  • Once you click, then you have to RESTART the Mozilla browser, so click RESTART.
  • After restarting Firefox browser, then on the front of the address bar icon will appear 3 balls attached, which is not active. The new icon will be active if there is multimedia components in the page is opened, such as video, images or songs.
model icon video download helper


  • Now try to open a page of the site youtube video .... You will see the icon form the color and spinning. On the side of these spheres there is a small arrow ... Click on the small arrow ..... will see several options. Special to youtube you will get a choice of sizes ranging video 240 pixels, 360 pixels, 480 pixels, medium, and so forth ....
  • The larger the size of the pixels that you select, it will be the greater of the files that you have downloaded from youtube
  • To start downloading the video you just have to click on the video link that the pixel size in accordance with your wishes

  • Will be open to the SAVE AS dialog box, here you can change the name of the file ....
  • Usually the file will be saved in a folder on the computer DWHELPER, but if you want to save in a specific folder then please chosen first before clicking the SAVE folder ...
  • By clicking SAVE or store, the download process will begin.
If the download is successful, then the video will be saved in the folder that you specify. 

So now you just need to repeat the steps DOWNLOADING VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE for each video that you want. Small large video file size depends on the resolution of pixels and the long duration of the video you download.

Ok, so maybe just once. Hopefully the download method without this software you can quite easily understand.

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