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How do I win the contest SEO? This question was recently asked by a commentator, but in fact this is not the right question addressed to me. The reason there are two: First, I was never the SEO contest in order to win the contest .... Second, basically I do not really agree with the existence of SEO contest.

The reason I do not quite agree with the SEO contest can be read in the article NEWBIE VS MASTER SEO CONTEST . So I was really not the right person to answer this. Such questions should be submitted to those who have won a SEO contest ....

But of course when you ask for it, most likely you will be ignored by the SEO contest winners. Questions like these will obviously sound in their ears like this .... "How do I get rid of you?" or "How do I win millions of money which is already in front of you?"

If you were in their position, if you will answer truthfully and correctly? ....

Actually at the beginning I started this blog it had signed an SEO contest but the goal is only to observe some of the parameters in the keywords that are being pursued by many people. In the experiment I did realize some very important things in the SEO contest.

So I'm not going to share tips on how to make it possible to win the SEO contest. This article is more to what I would do to win a SEO contest if I actually participated in the SEO contest.

Believe it or not if this will work .... it's up to you (^ _ ^)

This will be my explanation for the two versions. In the first version I will use the newly created blog is still new alias. Whereas in the second version I'll use blog that already has quite a reputation.

How to Win SEO Contest with Using New Blog

If I were to follow the SEO contest with prizes to top 5 million to capitalize a new blog, then it could be said this is a very difficult mission. If you are a beginner blogger, then I think this is an impossibility ... (Without intending to break your ambitions, just being realistic)

So if you are a new blogger, it helps you follow the SEO contest with prizes medium, like 1-2 million dollars. Even then, with the expectations of the master missed this little SEO contest. If it turns out the master again hungry, then your trip will most likely be the futility of it.

But of course the final decision is in your hands. So I will just discuss how what I want to take if you have to build a new blog for the SEO contest. I'm going to do is make sure everything is properly optimized. For more details, maybe this is what I would do:
  • I had to follow this SEO contest as soon as possible, because the more time available, the more things you can do
  • I will use the template that is SEO friendly to ensure the structure onpage SEO Optimization blog I've been right. More details read Criteria Template SEO Friendly.
  • Of course I also would enable the meta description and fill every article with the meta description
  • This new blog will be a blog that I created in accordance with the theme of the contest, .... it means once every 2 days I will post one article in accordance with article topics as supporting contests (at each new article will be 1 link to the article contest)
  • Contest optimized articles like homepage, it means that the link will contest page article I put in the first position on each page
  • Build a dummy blog for the link wheel (at least up to 3 levels of link wheel) can also be considered
  • All of the above steps will take a lot of time, so backlinks will be a big problem because there will not be enough time, .... it means all must be qualified and dofollow backlink. So if backlinknya not stuck in the sidebar, then I would make sure it has a backlink Google Pagerank of at least 2.
  • I will use Monday-Thursday for backlinks to the homepage and article contests, while Friday to Sunday for the link wheel level 1 to 3 ....
So that's roughly what I would do if it wants to win the contest by using a SEO blog is still new .... The biggest challenge is to guard against the over-optimization, because it means SAND BOX.

Have any of you ever feel the sand box at the SEO contest .... How does it feel if all the "suffering" at the end in the sandbox? Yup .... its sucks!

How do I win a SEO contest with reputable blog

Obviously this blog will not be as difficult as reputable a new blog, but there are some things I need to consider if I want to win the big SEO contest .... So here's what I would do:
  • I will follow approximately 1 month last contest alone .... With the hope of fresh content Google Panda algorithm will favor my new article.
  • After creating the article, then high pagerank backlinks should be the job completed.There should be a blast with high pagerank backlinks within 3-7 days. By using a reputable blog, the risk of it being caught up over a small optimization.
  • Put a link in the article SEO contest earlier parts of the template (of course this will reduce traffic for 3-7 days)
Three of the above are the main tasks I need to do it consistently .... I also need to consider whether it's 1 month old right decision. Do not let me miss a period pagerank update .... because if you miss, the moment can be lost pages multiplication points. So of course, here I am a little bit bet .....

That's roughly how I would take to win the SEO contest, if ever I was really the SEO contest. In closing I want to emphasize that the key is in the BACKLINK HIGH PR .... Ok, success for your SEO contest.


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