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Is Your Home Can Google Crawl?

Is Your Home Can Google Crawl?

Apakah Halaman Anda Bisa Dirayapi Google?
Is Your Home Can Google crawl? Actually there are many ways to see if your page is crawled by Google. You can use the fetch as Google or look at the cached search results.But other than that you can look the other way.

Looking at Google Crawls With Google Translate

To check if your pages can be crawled by Google, you can use the features of Google Translate . By using this feature you is asking Google view of the robots while visiting your page immediately. This is different from the cached version mempelihatkan only version of the last visit alone.

Of several attempts, I see that the script outlined in html blog, it can be read by Google robot, but the external script will not be executed by Google. if confused with the script in the HTML with external can read the first article the differences inline and external javascript .

Many webmasters are using this characteristic differences crawl javascript to display the content you want crawled and do not want to be crawled by Google but still visible to visitors to the blog. But then again, Google Translate method is only one of several methods to see if the content on your page can be executed by Google, or left it as it is.

If you are a beginner, it may be confused with the above languages. So just look at your page, is there a translated content, or there is still in the original language, or even content that is not displayed at all. Translated content is the easiest content to be crawled by Googlebot ....

Ok, maybe that was it first, this time short article, because the end of the year is always a lot of work, maybe that could be a rather long night typing.


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