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Onpage Optimization Blog On Comments

Onpage Optimization Blog On Comments

optimisasi komentar blog untuk posisi SEO

Onpage optimization blog with comments? Perhaps many blogger friends who are confused whether comments on blogs can be optimized? And how much influence the optimization on these comments? To ease .... Please read the following brief explanation ....

This is actually a test that I did this in 2 weeks and it showed positive results so I try to share it here. Two weeks before I look into my Google Webmaster account and I chose the keywords that have an average of 6.6 positions.

What is the average position of 6.6? That means I occasionally publish on position 6, sometimes at position 7, and it could be in position 8. So I intend to raise the average position so that more visitors are coming from these keywords ....

To raise this position I have several options that can be taken way. The options are off page optimization by adding backlinks , or edit an article, or a new way? So I think to do onpage optimization with a new way, namely in article comments .... It turns out that the position was 6.6 to 5.4 after the optimization is running a week ....

So How Do optimization Comments On Blog?

  • It certainly should nofollow links on the blog. Do not let the comments be the point of leak points that continuously grow as we get comments.
  • Note added comments on your blog, if the comments are too much .... and all the comments that are not related to the topic, then it could have been all the comments it makes the page rank continue to decline .... So as to prevent it at all times Berkomentarlah itself with a commentary full of keywords that article. A simple example: "Thank you bloggers are willing to stop at onpage optimization blogarticle on this comment, hopefully useful"
  • Make sure that you insert the keywords in the occasional comment in bold print ....The way is easy. Enclose only the keywords in <b> code ..... </ b>. For example: <b> how to create a new email in Google </ b>.
  • Keyword insertion in this commentary should be done once in every 100 wordcomments from guests. So even though there are only 1 comments, but comments that length and width of up to 100 words, it is enough to bring our keyword 1 time ....

Optimization as above will make Google think that our blog is a blog that is authoritative on the topic, because it can invite people to respond and provide comments are in line with the topic. Ok, so first .... good luck with the blog ^ _ ^


Thanks for sharing your experience. I will try it in blog.

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here.

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