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Second step: Free Learning Online Business Without Capital

Free Learning Online Business Without Capital

Belajar Bisnis Online Gratis Tanpa Modal
Free Learning Online Business Without Capital - We have had countless bloggers who blog for commercial motivation. Unfortunately so many of the bloggers who do not understand what he was doing. So this time I want to discuss a little bit to learn the basic concepts of online business.

Online business is any activity intended to reap revenue from the virtual world. Of course the best is a free business without capital. It's just that there really is not a business like that. At least you need operational costs .... I mean the cost online.

There are many different online businesses today, but the basic rule is only one traffic.What is the traffic? Traffic is the number of people who will come to visit your blog every day. Actually there are many ways to pursue traffic, but if you talk business online then you need to know two different types of traffic.

Online business is no different to a business in the real world. You need a lot of potential buyers to turn your activities into money. It's not easy to make money from the internet so we'd better re-setting your mindset first before learning free online business without capital is.

Setting Online Business Mindset Brother

pelihara blog untuk bisnis online
Many bloggers look so naive. They think the money making blog today will come next month. Remember that a blog is not money, but the people who visit the blog. It's just that it took quite long until people began to busy visiting your blog.

Now let's say you are a farmer, who wanted to "raise" a blog. Do not rush your blog hoping soon produce. Ambulatory "cattle" this carefully until you are big. Thus you will have a blog selling and start bringing money into your pockets.

Lots of bloggers are "offered" her blog at age prematurely. It's like offering young cattle in the markets of sacrificial animals .... Does anyone want to buy your goat if the goat was still too small? You offer a price not sell cheap though, because that's not what people wanted at the time.

Bloggers who wants instant may be disappointed, because this is money that can not mine be built overnight. If you really want to create a blog for an online business, you have to think like a farmer or a farmer who knows when it's time to reap the rewards of his labor today.

How "Fattening" Your Online Business Blog?

Just look at breeders who care for goat or whatever it is. They provide food, water, and pet health care. Here you also need 3 things to fatten your blog. Thirdly it is:
1. article Qualified
2. Backlink
3. Care Blog HTML structure

Why do the above three things are important to you to build a website / blog for online business? I will try to explain a little part of the three things above.

Important role content: # 1 Increase Visitors From Search Engines

As discussed previously, that the online business that requires a lot of traffic, aka visitors blog. Of course, if the visitor can come from free sources, because not everyone can pay for advertising in the virtual world. Currently still the best source of free traffic from Search Engines like Google.

Now we try to discuss how a person can visit a blog from Google? Surely they have to type keywords into the Google search page. Then I will take that person based on the keywords entered. These keywords are very sensitive, slightly reversed its position can change the search results.

That is why we need to make a lot of articles that more keyword variations that we can serve. If you need an up to 10 times the topics addressed in a different way, so that the more diverse are also keywords that Google users can deliver to your blog. Lazy to type a lot of articles? .... For those who are lazy, probably since the beginning do not need to think to go into business. Instead of online, real-world business ... just do not accept slackers.

Important role content: # 2 Increase Sales Opportunities

nilai konversi bisnis online
Is a cool language conversion blog. Now let's say there are two different stalls, the first only selling various brands of instant noodles, which are both selling a wide variety of products. Let's just say there are 100 people came to the first stall, of the 100 people who are looking for instant noodles only 3 people, while 97 others did not find what they are looking for.

Then 100 people moving to the second stall. Almost all of them find the items they're looking for, so there are 76 people who shop at both stores. From both of these cases, we can see that the number of visitors is equally 100 people, but the conversion value obtained is much better the second stall from the first stall.

Sometimes very confused as well when finding a blog that is built for online business but his article was very little, or less varied. Although you are very specific business artkel make you be highly variable within the specific limits.

Backlink Important Role For Online Business

reputasi karena backlink
When we learned about online business, we need to know why traffic from Google called the best traffic. Visitors from Google is like people who come to shop to a market. They consciously seek what we have to offer when typing in Google search. In contrast, if you offer to others through advertisements or facebook, and so forth. It was no different with the salesman.

Certainly we do not need to explain here how big the difference between the selling opportunities for sales in the market by being a salesman. Much more fun to be "sellers" in the market rather than "salesman" who itinerant offer. Not to discredit friends who make a living as a salesman, ... salesman actually own friends who know just how big a challenge the profession who picked the ball to the consumer.

If you wish stalls, online business you create salable Google, then you have to convince Google how "bermutunya" your offer. One of the most widely used indicator is the number of backlinks Google. The more backlinks to your blog, the more Google users who will be ushered to your blog.

HTML structure maintenance blog

Be careful when installing anything on your blog. Although the blog has been running smoothly, if any installed gadget or link does not like robots search engine, then the blog ranking can suddenly plummeted. Google does not like the iframe or the links to the services review. Never install this if you do not want to bite the finger, and halting further optimization.

So that's the reason why the content, backlinks, and HTML structure maintenance is important to fatten your blog.

What indications Blog It Fat?
If a breeder is doing 3 things at the top of the goat, the result can be seen on the weight of goat meat itself. While on your blog it will be seen as unusually high traffic. High traffic is what will be the source of money for you. There are many ways to convert blog traffic into money, but first we must learn to distinguish between the two types of traffic on the blog.

Types Of Traffic In Online Business Blog

1. General Blog Traffic

What is meant by the general blog traffic is the visitors who come with different motivations. There are indeed looking for your product. There are only like blogwalking.There are only interested in the picture that you put on facebook, and so forth. But whatever it is, they can be counted as the traffic you need.

2. Targeted Blog Traffic

This type of traffic is traffic that is looking for the Specific you offer. Usually this kind of traffic comes from the search engine from Google. It is very easy to change traffic into buyers, if you offer a particular product.

Once you know these two different types of traffic, then please choose to pursue traffic how. Each of these has their own potential traffic to make money for you.

Online Business For Under General Traffic

If you are planning to look for traffic as gado-gado (public traffic), then the best way to make money from your blog is to join the adsense program. Alternatively you can also open a stall for advertising and banner on your blog traffic is already tempting many potential advertisers. The second type of online business is no need targeted traffic, because anyone can click on an ad is considered installed.

Make money with Adsense

menghasilkan uang lewat PPC
Now there are many Adsense services, both locally and internationally. To be able to get money from adsense traffic you need a fairly large, since not all the blog visitors will click on your ad. As an example the case, if the pay per click is Rp 500, then you need 100 clicks to get 50.000.

Let's just say it's only 100 clicks from more than 100 visitors to the blog. If the average is only 1% of the clicks on the ad, then you need 10,000 visitors per day to produce 50,000 per day. Meaning of blogs by the number of 10,000 visitors per day you can get Rp.1.500.000 per month. Is it still feels less? That is why many people are trying to raise the average clicks to 2% in ways that .... that's how.

Make money with stalls and banner ads

Memasang Lapak Iklan
If this one does not need 10,000 visitors per day. If you can reach 5000 visitors per day, is going to pay a very hefty. Let's just say you open a stall for 5 worth 200.000 banner, banner for 5 stalls for 100,000, and 10 stalls for 50.000 costing banner. If you bought all these, then you can earn Rp.2.000.000/bulan of traffic adsense only half of the calculation above.

Is it still feels less? Then just try to combine the shanties method and adsense ads, so you will have two sources of income. But if still not well, and hard at work .... ya up 2, 3 other blogs.

According To Online Business Targeted Traffic

If you have a product or service you want to offer in cyberspace. Whatever it is: you definitely need targeted traffic. Whether you open a fashion shop (boutique) online, jewelry store, or just offer services in cyberspace .... traffic from Google can certainly help you earn big money.

Now let's say you open a women's accessories store online. From this store you get 10,000 profit per sale. If you get the traffic up to 5000 visitors per day and there are about 2% of visitors are interested in buying. Means you can record 100 sales per day. Multiply by the amount of gain (10,000) then your income every day is Rp.1.000.000.

Extraordinary income, right? That is why there are certain key words that can be a very expensive fee, Moreover, if the value of competition is very high.

Well it's time to close this article. Hopefully this article can help beginner blogger friends saw the potential of an online business. But on the other side of this article also emphasizes online business is not built overnight. There are many things you must learn, for example:
  1. Learning how to research keywords
  2. Learning how to make article
  3. Learning how to set up website
  4. Learning how to get backlinks, and
  5. Learning how to promote in a variety of social media

Fifth of the above is the main base to bring in traffic. Will be explained in greater detail in subsequent articles, because this article is just an opening to discuss business issues online. Wait for the next article in this blog ....

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