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Sixth step: How To Blog Promotion?

How To Blog Promotion?

How to blog promotion correctly
How to blog promotion? Is this also your question? This question has also been a question that I was about 3-4 years ago. Therefore I am quite aware that many bloggers are to the point of frustration because his blog is not being crowded ....

Some blogger friends who commented here, did complain about the difficulty gets visitors. Are you also experiencing the same difficulties? If so then you also do not know the best way of promoting the blog.

I hope this article can help you to get more visitors. Only just before I want to emphasize that the blog promotion tips below should be "free time" is enough. So set aside the issue entirely in your hands.

Ok, we just discussed the problem of this campaign ....

What Factors To Look For Before Doing Promotion?

1. Blogs will be promoted using what language?

This is important because if your blog is in English, then the scope is much broader than the promotion of Indonesian blog. Promotional tools that can be used even more diverse.Already nature blog in English has greater traffic potential.

2. What is the theme of the blog to be promoted?

You must know that blogs with a specific theme, obviously has a certain market anyway. You can learn to recognize the market of the themes that you select in the article keyword research . If your blog theme gado-gado, the potential could be much greater. It's just that your blog promotion can follow so gado-gado.Because each article has a different market.

Is There Such Thing As Overkill Blog Promotion?

Is there a way of promotion of excessive blog?
In my opinion there is no such thing as hype. Unless you mean to promote it is to install a backlink everywhere, then perhaps it becomes excessive.

To avoid that you should use when you put a link anchor words varied (at least 5 variations). Then make sure the rate of backlinks to your blog is quite stable. In this beginner course will be a little difficult, because to find a site that can provide a backlink also need a bit of experience. Try reading the article how to get backlinks if you really need a backlink.

How To Promote Your Blog Properly? What Can Be Done For Free?

1. Promote your blog on Facebook

Follow these tips to effectively promote your blog on facebook.
  1. Look for as many friends, if you can find friends from facebook groups that are related to your blog theme. If your blog does not have a specific theme, then it may be randomly selected friends.
  2. Create a new blog article with a title that provokes the reader to click on the title ....ONCE AGAIN! SELECT TITLE provoking! (Deliberately so let me stress considered, because the key gets clicks from facebook friends in the title of the article ....)
  3. How can potential clicks you get? Think of it in 3 months you can get 2000 friends. If 1 out of 10 clicks articles you post, the blog you will get an additional 200 visitors per day. Is not this a pretty good result from a simple blog promotion methods?

2. Promotion blog on Twitter

Twitter also has started to become a mainstay on the blog to get a visit. So do not miss the micro blogging social network on this one.
  1. The biggest challenge of Twitter is gaining followers. You should note that the twitter account is usually enough to sell twitter account that offers motivational language postings, cool words and slang, or short info-hot. So if you could make a twitter account and organize themed such as blogs
  2. Invite others to follow each other and follow back
  3. If you are disciplined enough, it is usually within 6 months of the follower is going pretty good. If you already have a lot of followers, so in addition to posting regular tweets, you can also insert a one-time writing your blog posts.

3. Promotion Forum

There are many forums in cyberspace. If your blog is a special themed blog, then you can look for forums with similar topics and offer your article. The only way to bring a little visitors per topic, so you should be active in many topics.

Specific tips for blogs that offer a particular product or service:
If your blog is going to offer a particular product, then you can go into the forums and post an article about your product. Fact, if you want you can put a lot of backlinks to the forum page.

Put a backlink to the forum and a website that is very old and has a high PR can be much easier and safer than looking for backlinks to your blog is still fledgling. Could be indexed to the forum page rank higher just with 100 links, while your blog is far below even though the link is no 300.

4. Promote Blog With Blogwalking

Blogwalking are activities visit blogs that put up a chat box. If you rely on blogwalking, thenuse your first month to collect the addresses of blogs that have a lively chat box.How do I know it's crowded blog chat box? It's easy, just look at the comments on the chat box. If on that day there was a lot of comments that the blog means crowded.

Keep in your pocket a month 100 lively chat box. If each contribute 2-3 blog visitors to your blog, then it means an extra 200-300 visitors.

5. Promote your blog on social networking bookmarks

There are so many social bookmarking today. Note the list below ...

Follow the steps below:
  1. Create an account on each of the above sites if necessary
  2. Create a new article on the blog to be promoted
  3. Make sure your new article has been indexed by Google. How, go to Google type insite: url (example: site: http://blogsaya.blogspot.com/2012/08/contoh-artikel.html)and press enter to search the blog is already indexed.
  4. If your blog posts are indexed, please enter one by one to your account on the social bookmarking sites and post your new article.
  5. Your posts on social bookmarking sites above can be indexed better than on your blog. So if this gets a social bookmarking site visitors from Google, they will be directed to your blog. Is that just? There's more. Social bookmarking sites also contribute to your backlinks. So once paddle two birds with one stone.
This is the basic tips that you can do in the promotion. Hopefully the above blog promotion way can help increase traffic to your blog in the period of 1-6 months. Once again I need to remind that this is highly dependent on free time, hard work, and discipline. Ok ...Success for your blog.


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Thanks for the blog promotion tips.

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