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Step Seven: How To Get Free Backlink Or Paid?

How To Get Free Backlink Or Paid?

How to Get Free Backlink Or Paid?

How do I get a free backlink or backlink paid? This is the 4th phase of the 4 stages of SEO you need to know. Backlink is something most difficult to obtain for SEO optimization. Therefore backlinks also be the most important indicator in the calculation of ranking search results by all search engines.


I once read an article where a blogger quipped stingy by a beginner because they do not want to share backlinknya. Actually, in my point of view is wrong for this case is a novice blogger. Backlink data sharing is tantamount to deflate the blog itself.

This beginner instead of trying to find backlinks instead expect a webmaster willing to share backlinknya with intimidation word "stingy". So here I am just going to share ways that can be used to find backlinks. But still there will be efforts that you need to do to get it.

In addition I have to tell you that all the methods to build backlinks out natural ways classified as seo techniques that are not justified by Google. Perform engineering under or not is your own choice. Ok, we just discussed.

Important Factors Backlink Building

There are several factors that you should consider in building backlinks. Such factors, among others:
  • It should be dofollow backlink. If confused about dofollow, please read what is nofollow and dofollow
  • The backlinks should be one way (Do not exchange links)
  • The keywords should be varied backlinks (at least 5 variations)
  • Pertambahannya should tend to be consistent. Better 100 backlinks per day for 100 days, rather than all at once in a day 10000 backlinks.
  • It should be 90% of backlinks to the homepage and 10% is directed to the most important articles in our blog.
  • 10 backlinks from PR2 pages better than a PR4 backlink page. Although PR is passed may be larger but the anchor text voting number is very few. Though voting is the anchor text that helps the specification of keywords a web page.
  • No need to focus on hunting down high quality backlinks, quality backlinks ordinary home can also help a lot and of course dofollow. If you want to know the characteristics of quality backlinks , read the link.

      Methods To Get Free Backlink

      There are many ways that you can use to get backlinks for free. But if all of the techniques that would be shared, then maybe this article will only make the blogger beginner become dizzy. So I will give you a pretty basic course (this course must have a reel). Some ways to get free backlinks is:
      • Dofollow blog comment anywhere
      • Build a dummy blog from the website 2.0
      • Comment on dofollow forums anywhere
      • Posting on Social Bookmark Dofollow
      Let us discuss them one by one ....

      Get a backlink from dofollow blog comments

      Get a backlink from dofollow blog comments
      I put this in the first part, because this is the most practical. You just need to find dofollow blogs to comment. Usually you can googling to get a list of dofollow blogs. This blog is using a free domain there some are paid. Even taking domain. Edu or. Gov also.But the problem is already much this blog has changed back to nofollow because annoyed with the behavior of people who commented preamble just to get backlinks.

      Please Googling keywords DoFollow Blog List to get a blog which serves some dofollow blogs. Visit these blogs and start commenting. Sure you use keywords when blog commenting as NAME. This is the most basic method in finding backlinks.

      You should know that the list of free dofollow backlinks offered these blogs according to my calculations, the average current is only 30% are still dofollow. So the 70% probability your comment will end up as nofollow comments (no value ... no link juice).

      So as a beginner you do have to spend the time to sort out which ones are which are dofollow and nofollow. Is it difficult and troublesome? Sure, but it will help you fully understand why other bloggers do not want to split the list backlinknya granted to others.

      do not be naive for backlink
      I was so naive
      Have you read the title of the article or post on the forums who pitched like this "1 million free backlinks from blogs and forums"? Obviously the novice will immediately shout "Hooray! Can backlink much free". Slow down my friends! I've often got a post like this, and in fact it turns out almost all are nofollow links.
      many novice webmasters who lied
      What's more amazing that no-frills blog's Pagerank 5 and above. The fact that only the homepage only has a high PR, while not necessarily the yard .... but that gives points is page article. Also quite upset with this kind of webmasters, who exploit the ignorance of novices to generate traffic to his blog. As a result, a lot of beginners are a waste of time to put a nofollow backlink backlink-hardly of any help.

      Build Backlinks From Dummy Blog

      2.0 Use the blog to create backlinks
      Dummy blog is homemade blogs that we attach a link to our commercial blog. Surely these blogs should also be able to deliver Googlebot indexed to our blog. There are so many actors who do this SEO contest, despite the fact that this moderately strenuous and time consuming. I myself have never done this method, because this method is booming since I was already busy with work. So if you are a blogger who also have little time to spare .... This method may be very heavy.

      Make about 10-50 shadow blog, you can use the facilities free blogs or other web 2.0.Some websites that you can use is certainly blogger, wordpress, weebly, page4.me, livejournal, Blogetery, Blogsome, edublogs, blog.com, tumblr, Yahoo Plus, TypePad, and many more. After this blog so, attach at least 10 articles on each blog. Finally, attach a link to your blog in the sidebar commercial respective dummy blog.

      Get me at least 50 backlinks to each dummy blog. These backlinks can be derived from the links dofollow blogs that have been discussed above. After that, if you are still able to attach a link that connects all these dummy blog like chains. 1 to 2 blog blog, blog to blog 2 3, ... and so on. The blogger used to call this as a linkwheel.

      tired of looking for backlink
      Already defined at the level of inconvenience caused. It's not easy to sign up for the 50 blog plus hold settings for everything.You still have to post up to 10 articles per blog .... For this one to copy and paste a lot of the writing of others. Granted this is not a good deed, but this method does require tremendous hassle if you have to type the article itself.

      Levels peaked hassles when you have to put up 50 backlinks per blog link between dummy and commit your blog. Many believe that this method helped their blog. I also believe it is quite reasonable .... it's just that I much more believe this method is too cumbersome.

      Looking for Dofollow Backlink From the Forums

      Online forums that allow too many outboundnya link is dofollow. So this could be one of mine backlinks for you to try. The advantages of this method is a dofollow link from a reputable domain exorbitant. So if you are interested in this method can try doing the following manner.

      consider planting a link to the forum
      You have to register to various Dofollow forums. The forums there are domestic (Indonesia) and there is international. If you good at English it'd be great. After doing REGISTRATION and CONFIRMATION, you can immediately start to post in the various threads. At the time of this post you can leave a link in your post. Here is some Indonesian forum you can try:


      Admin can be hard
      Most forums give you the minimum posting requirements before it can leave the backlink. If the deal is at least 15 posts and you want to be active in 10 forums, it means there must post 150 comments without backlink.

      In addition, some forums are community forums with specific topics. Forums like these are supervised by all members. So you have to master the material, because otherwise you will dicacimaki other members. In fact some forums will be a banned you if deemed not give good input. So to be active in many forums you are required to have a fairly broad knowledge.

      Getting backlinks from dofollow social bookmarking

      Social Bookmark is a website that you can use to publish your writings on your blog.Some social bookmarking sites provide dofollow backlinks to blogs that put up article on his website. Plus the value of sites like this in addition to helping you get backlinks can also bring traffic abundant.

      social bookmarking
      Create a member account on various social bookmarking dofollow.After that start to post your article on social bookmarking sites such.Note two important things before posting.
      1. Use the most provocative titles that you can, does not need to be the same as the title of your original article, because we're not playing the SEO on these sites.
      2. Create a summary of the different descriptions of who is on your blog in order to reduce the effects of duplicate content.
      Here are some social bookmarking sites that I recommend:

      I think not too many weaknesses, it's just still a little dofollow social bookmarking sites.Besides posting the login process and bookmarks can be a little more troublesome than a comment on the blog. So for now the only method of social bookmarking as a maid we backlink program and not as a primary source.

      Breaking News:
      The method is slowly becoming the trend is to get pagerank through microblogging. But I will not discuss, because it seems like some of the microblogging start to realize this and begin to anticipate. So I'm still waiting for the development of first

      Backlink Method To Get Paid

      Here I will also review how to get backlinks by paying. Whether it's a minimal budget or big budget. That I discuss here is the result of input from readers offpage optimization article , plus the results of my debriefing in several forums. Ok, on with it:

      If you're too lazy to hunt backlinks, can buy dofollow list following URL:

      Here the cheapest deals I can from fellow blogger Eva. Bid is a list of URLs dofollow 15,000 150,000 price. The survey results 20 November 2012, the list is 100% Dofollow.Opened to a very limited offer.

      Eva weakness blogger offers:
      • Because the price is very cheap, you just get a list of URLs Dofollownya, while for its own installation please comment on the URLs given.
      • Limited bid once ....
      Eva blogger offers advantages:
      • You can save money and time online for months
      • No need to bother sorting dofollow and nofollow
      • There is no limit keyword variations that you should optimization
      • Some pages turned PR 1-2, there are even some that PR3
      So if your budget is limited and not proficient hunting backlinks, then you can try this offer.Please go to the blog in question, go to the BLOG BACKLINK CHEAPEST .

      Lazy lazy tide hunt backlinks and comments?

      Of course you can use SEO services for this one. The main requirement is choosing SEO services website should be good PR, and alexa at least be above 400,000. SEO services that meet these criteria are paketseo.com and dewaseo.com.

      The weakness of this method:
      • Number of keywords that can be optimized very limited, a maximum of 3 per order
      • Your blog should be a commercial blog, because of course you want to earn after SEO results achieved. If not you will never return on investment.
      • Costs can be very expensive, between 1.5 million and 6 million, depending on how heavy your desired keywords.
      • You were never trained to do SEO, so if you shoot the wrong keyword and need re-shoot would have to pay again.
      The advantage of this method
      You can sit back and wait for the results. Miss all the tiring process. But if I should give input, ask for services and not the services of SEO traffic. Because traffic services should definitely target the keywords that bring traffic (of course the problem is that the cost is more expensive again).

      Maybe it's just my discussion about how to get backlinks, either free, or a cheap (50,000) or even the Premium (1 million). Hopefully help our brothers and sisters who are just beginning to know the world of blogging.


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