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What's External Link And Its Effect On SEO?

What's External Link And Its Effect On SEO?

Apa itu external link dan bagaimana pengaruh negatif positif pada SEO
External link clearly has a strong influence on the SEO of a blog, it's just necessary to review whether negative or positive influence. So this time I will discuss the issue from the point of view that I understand.

What Is A External Link?

External link is a link that you put on your webpage or blog to get a domain other than your blog. This contrasts with only internal links to other pages within the same domain or blog ....

What Effect External Link In SEO?

External links reduce pagerank?

It is the rules of Google, that external links will give you link juice or a point enhancer Google PageRank, to the intended page, if the external link is dofollow. It's just wrong that often drafted by Indonesian blogger, this is an external link will directly reduce the points where Google PageRank of pages attached .... and if that's true, then the impact on SEO will be very obvious negative existence.

But not like it, just because you are there external pages that link at all does not mean your pagerank will be reduced .... To facilitate this understanding friends I will make an example with a rough calculation, and ignoring the damping factor.

Let's just say my friends have a PR6 homepage, and friends gave INTERNAL article links to two pages, A and B, what is the points earned each page article? It's clear the point is 3 ..... So if pages A and B, each get 3 points, is now Google's homepage will be reduced pageranknya?

Internal link tidak akan mengurangi poin pagerank dari suatu halaman sumber
No, pageranknya still 6 ... Now the question is what will happen when it is fitted on the homepage 4 EXTERNAL LINK? Is the pagerank of the homepage will be reduced? Still pagerank homepage will not be reduced, the problem now is given to pagerank page article that will be reduced .... so that each page article will only receive 1 point only ...
external link akan mengurangi poin ke halaman-halaman artikel kita sendiri

If the conditions are like at the top, then obviously only the homepage will not change at all points pagerank.

Conditions that would make pagerank Homepage also reduced

In the diagram above the pagerank of the homepage will nonetheless .... But another part of the case if it turns out there on the homepage PageRank derived from the article page, too. That would make the loop that will continue to reduce the pagerank homepage because external link ....

Do not understand? Just imagine if the external link to the article to make points is reduced. Points article is one of a small contributor to the homepage pagerank, pagerank homepage then of course also shrinking. The homepage pagerank is shrinking still further divided into external links, and that means points into smaller page article again, .... if it is played back to the homepage, you'll know what the next story .....

It's as I discussed in the article What is Google Pagerank and How to Count them ...
For each round of counting, Google Pagerank is assessed only on the incoming links rather than outgoing links. But since this is ultimately circular iteration number of links going back out earlier affect the value of the input.

External Link Creating Relevance Homepage Points will be reduced???

That will only happen if the external link to a page that had nothing to do with the theme being discussed. If that is still relevant to the page, it will not diminish its relevance. In fact, could be strengthened if the points relevant to this page recommends a more authoritative pages or writing more quality.

Up here we can get understanding "Well, good then .... pagerank is not diminishing, increased relevancy, ranking certainly will get better" .... Of course, this is a very good way to describe this condition ..... Google even justify this condition, because Google does encourage the use of qualified external link ....

So the external link quality does not affect PageRank, but it affects the relevance of, and the level of credibility of a page .... That means, external quality links will give positive weight to SEO a blog ....

External Links Relevant And High Authority Not Always Profitable

Do also because external links are relevant and high authority looks favorable, then overuse friends. Do not forget the fact that the points awarded to your own pages would be reduced if too many external links.

Okay if you get the homepage visitors increase, but what if the number of visitors to those pages is reduced drastically article? You definitely will also lose in the end.

Way to prevent the end result of the reduced external link?

From the diagram above you can see the biggest problem is far more internal than external links link, if only there were 100 internal links and external links only 4, then the story could be better. Of course, with a record 100 pages of articles we were also mutually interlinking. If links to internal pages more from external pages, then it is definitely pagerank flow within the blog itself can be much more awake ....

With friends like this can get the points relevance and trust of the external link, without worrying fall pagerank other pages in excess .... (points reduced inevitable, but if only a few will not take effect .... especially if The resulting points greater relevance --- Hopefully you understand what I mean)

Perhaps there are friends who ask, then why in this article there is no external link??? The answer is simple, ..... than just in the image only (^ _ ^) .... scared spelled talkative .... Ok, it's only once sharing today .... hopefully this external link can be understood, because the proper use of SEO PROVE can benefit from our blog


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