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5 Best Advertising Network Companies 2015

After creating the Blog or Website that everyone wants to gives ADS as soon as possible that they can start their earning. So, Which company to be chosen for the ads? After considering this problem, here we are sharing a list of top 5 best Advertising companies with short description.

After reading this article, we hope that many new bloggers will not have a problem to choose the advertising company.

1. Google Adsense:
We know this ads network as a primary source of income to bloggers or publishers and also rated known as the highest paying ads network that runs in CPC platform. This platform allows publishers to monetize standard display ads, mobile and video, and search results as well.
It’s free to sign up for AdSense and the program will accept the smallest of publishers provided they meet certain quality guidelines. AdSense also integrates smoothly into other Google products (such as DFP) and generally pays publishers monthly for revenue generated the previous month. Their payment threshold is $100 and their payment method is done either through Check, EFT, Rapida or Western Union.

2. Advertising.com:
 it’s a very large network with nearly 2 billion impressions monetized daily. Ad.com offers opportunities for publishers to monetize display ads, video, mobile, and some custom implementations as well.

This network now offers Display University, an online educational resource for publishers and advertisers looking to learn more about display ads, the process of building a campaign, and executing on creative. Their payment threshold is $25 and their payment method is done either through check or paypal.

3. Yahoo! / Bing Contextual Ad Network:
This ads network is commonly know as media.net. It’s a contextual ad network run by a partnership between Yahoo! and Bing, two of Google’s biggest competitors. Actually, they run a CPC platform and also pay as big as google adsense.
Normally their major requirements are more of generated traffics from USA, Canada and UK from their publishers. Their payment threshold is $100 and their payment method is done either through paypal or wireless transfer.

4. Infolinks:
Infolinks is a provider of so called “smart ads,” with their most common solution involving the display of ads when users hover their mouse over linked content. Infolinks also offers “skinned” ads that fit in the empty space to the right and left of a site’s content, as well as text links that can be inserted within content.
Infolinks offers a number of ways to deliver their ad units: inText double underlines valuable keywords, and when a user hovers over one of them, a relevant ad will appear; inFrame monetizes the unused screen margins on either side of a site’s design with contextual banner ads; inSearch only monetizes search traffic, without disturbing a site’s regular visitors; and inTag places a link unit within a webpage’s content with valuable contextual keywords. Their payment threshold is $50 and their payment method is done either through ACH Transfer, eCheck, Payoneer, Paypal or Western Union.


Chitika is another better ads network that runs in CPC platform and also has over 300,000 publishers which makes them one of the largest networks in the world based on that metric. Chitika is also open to just about anyone, and the process for getting approval and ad implementation is generally very fast. Chitika has been a popular alternative for advertisers unable to use or frustrated with AdSense, with great results in certain niches and less impressive earnings capabilities in others. Their payment threshold is $10 and their payment method is done either through paypal or check.

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