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SEO Tips

FOR Whom These SEO Tips Are -These SEO tips are targeted for those people , who already know SEO and just want to improve their SEO Strategy.

But if  you want to learn SEO Tutorial step by step then you should start from here SEO Tutorials Step By Step
Before of saying anything , i want to say something very important to you

Some Highly Valuable SEO Tips for you
Follow these steps carefully & you will find a great bounce in your site revenue .

1. Search Your Keywords Wisely
 I have analyzed people just see a keyword with HIGH number of searches and start doing SEO for it . NO !  Never do it .
If your TARGET is to earn through ADSENSE then first check the CPC , CPC means cost per click .It means how much you will be paid for that particular keyword.Also see how many ADVERTISERS are for that keyword .

Because if there are not enough advertisers then  your ads will not be displayed in some  countries .
You can check this on spyfu.com.Here  you can check , how much cpc and ADVERTISERS  are for your keywords.

Always remember there are some keywords , which pay even 80 $ per click . So if you are working on a low CPC keyword then you are making loss  .

But if your TARGET is to  earn through  AFFILIATES , then there is no need to  go for CPC.

Another  important issue is  always  use a good and paid keyword tool . There are many keywords having low competition and high number of searches.

Unluckily these great keywords can not be searched without help of these paid keywords tool.And if you are  not working on them then you are making a big loss of yourself .

Here are SOME KEY POINTS , you should notice .

# There are some keywords , which are not having any competition at all . Are you TARGETING them?

# How fast you can RANKED FOR  them?

# How much they  can PAY you ?

For getting solutions of these questions , you should use a trusted keyword tool . Micro niche finder and Market Samurai , these 2 are the only softwares , trusted for keyword research . Market Samurai is slow extremely but needless to say how exact and true result it provides. Micro Niche Finder also works great and the best thing is that it works FASTER and very EASY TO OPERATE.

2. Analyze What Your Visitors Really Want 
Each content on your website must be exactly according to visitors need , means if someone comes to your website by searching “Oral  infection home remedy” then it means he wants to know only home treatments .So on that page discuss only about home treatments.

3.Make sure you have done on page optimization on your max – You should do on page optimization in the perfect way , you can read these seo tips and tricks for on page optimization here .

After reading them , you will never read to read even a single thing about on page optimization .
I personally assure you for this .

Build Quality Back links , Not Just Back links 
You should concentrate on building hi quality links not just backlinks .

You should use some softwares for building links , though they dont come for free .

Do you know , a pr5 backlinks is equivalent to 7660 pr0 backlinks and 118 pr1 backlinks

Above numbers are not exact details , they are just some guess by top seo experts .

My many websites rank in top 3 , weather i have very few links compared to my competitors and the reason behind this is “QUALITY BACKLINKS”

4. Use Trusted Link Building Softwares
If you are doing everything manual then it will take a long time . There are many softwares available in the market which make thousands of forum profiles ,thousands of blog posts and article posts just in few hours . Go for these softwares .
These are paid but some of these really DESERVE their PRICES .

You can use SENUKE- X software , it is the best and trustable link building software  . A good thing about this software is that it gives ultra fast and quality link building strategy.In this software there HI-PR web2.0 and forum profiles.Just feed your keyword ,articles and main site url in this software and setup with schedule.It will do all necessary seo steps for your site.It is really a complete software which perform each and every task of SEO.

Needless to say ,, it deserve its price , me rank 3 for “Seo tips” , 2 for seo tutorials , 1 for seo tutorial step by step , 3 for SEO tutorial and all that i did just in 20 days work .

That was never possible manually .

You can not think on signing up on more than 1000 websites and then submit content on them regularly .

5. If You Are NEW With SEO , Then Go For EASY Keywords Only 
If you are  newbie to SEO then you should start with  easy and LONG KEYWORDS only , you can use my KEYWORD TOOL for getting easy keywords .Do you know there are many people who invest their lot of time and finally come with such long keywords ,where there are no competition at all.

6.  Make The AD Placement Proper On Your Website 
People often fail to place ADs properly. ADs should be BLENDED with site color and your landing page will be FULLY COVERED with ADs so that visitors find themselves unable to see original site content unless they do not scroll your website .
This  is what said a proper AD placement .


Tall Me a Other Software Same as SENUKE x.

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