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Free Video Submission directories list 2013

Free Top Video Submission Sites, Free Video Submission directories list 2013

1. www.youtube.com
2. www.metacafe.com
3. www.video.google.com
4. video.yahoo.com
5. www.clipmoon.com
6. www.dailymotion.com/en
7. video-share-review.toptenreviews.com
8. www.vimeo.com
9. vidly.com
10. www.hotshare.net/bd/share/videos
11. vids.myspace.com
12. www.flixya.com
13. www.viddler.com
14. qik.com
15. www.twitvid.com
16. www.omnisio.com
17. www.yfrog.com
18. www.utipu.com/app
19. share.ovi.com
20. www.tweetube.com
21. helpfulvideo.com
22. www.gawkk.com
23. www.shutterfly.com
24. www.dropshots.com
25. www.sharevideosonline.net
26. www.stashspace.com
27. www.break.com
28. revver.com
29. www.vidilife.com
30. www.stickam.com

Free Top Video Submission Sites, Free Video Submission directories list 2013

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