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Top most important seven SEO Tips

SEO Stands for Search Engine optimization And everybody in the World Wide Web use SEO services in order for their websites to rank on top with the selected keywords. SEO experts say that the majority of searchers rely on the first page of the search engine results.
SEO is a wide concept and here I am going to share 7 Most Important SEO tips. And now may be you are thinking that, why only seven tips? Because 10 might so bore for you and maybe five is not enough. Seven helpful tips are listed below for newbie’s to totally understand search engine optimization.

1. Title
Always try to add your business related keyword with in the title of your blogs.

2. Content
Creating best quality content is one of the important factor in SEO term. Best, unique and full of information content gives integrity to your site. Since numerous companies are up on the World Wide Web, those on the same niche get to have the same target keywords.

3. Link Building
It is very interesting to build links for your own website. You can sign an account and manage social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Google plus, Tumblr, MySpace and others.

4. Keyword
remember that you must Insert your keywords with in your blog content. Skilled bloggers recommend to make the keyword into bold text so that Google spiders can read your blog contents faster. The quicker the Google spiders read your blog, the better position it will get in the search engine results page.

5. Article Submission
Articles submission and social bookmarking sites help your blogs to be indexed faster in the search engines and this is also one of the best SEO technique. Social bookmarks drive huge traffic. Don’t do spamming because Google penalize websites by removing from index and putting into sandbox. You can submit your articles containing links going to your main site to article submission sites like digg.com, www.zimbio.com and many more.

6. Blog
Write an unique article that catch the interest of the majority of your readers and users. Create blogs about the recent and controversial events.

7. Web Design
This is Last step but not the least, optimize your website design. There are varieties of downloadable themes or you can create one. Your website will be easily indexed if your web design is search engine friendly. Blogs and websites with quality SEO services  have a long way to go.


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