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12 Reasons Blog Deleted By Google

12 Reasons Blog Deleted By Google

a list of 12 reasons I delete a blog is considered spam
Maybe a lot of friends who ask why so many blogs being removed by Google lately.Yes, the blogspot platform users like me enough anxiety for the past month, due to the intensity of removal blogspot has not subsided at all.

Even blogs with their own domain deleted too, so what exactly is causing this removal?Are blogs just indicated spam will be deleted by the blogger? So what can be the basis for the assessment of a blog in the category of spam that is deleted by Google ...?

From several sources including Abu Kholid mas which is the admin of ittaqi-tafuzi.blogspot.com, I get a lot of feedback about the reasons for removal were done by Google. I tried to summarize it in bullet points below.

12 Reasons Google Removes A Blog

Reason # 1 Google Removes Because Doing Affiliate Marketing Blog

The definition of affiliate marketing is a system where you get paid if the goods or services of your affiliate network sold by. There are so many bloggers who try affiliate online business like this. Unfortunately this violates the basic rules of Google if it is dofollow links provided. Did no way that can still do affiliate marketing? There seems to be, because I'd read a statement from Google itself, that they would not object to the affiliate business for a link from this affiliate marketing blogs are nofollow and dofollow instead. So try it altered the nature of the link to prevention.

Reason # 2 Google Removes Blog If Perform divert traffic to Website / Blog Other

This traffic diversion can be done with a meta refresh, and I consider this as "beguiling" blog visitors. So you should be careful in using the various techniques of diversion, because it can be considered cheating. methods the diversion safe is a 301 permanent redirect. Unfortunately, the method can not be applied across 301 blogspot let alone to another website .... Can only be between pages.

Reason # 3 Google Blog That Will Remove the Advertisement Paid Adult Content

Mid-year 2013, Google is getting firmly with the blogs that display adult content, have many cases blogs are removed simply because advertise contents over 18 years. I myself do not know if only porn materials are intended, or products, including husband and wife if the banner displays pornography.

Reason # 4 Blog Removed If Using Script To Create Content And Not Typing Hand

Today more and more blogs with automated content, the quality is very low. Google considers low quality pages can affect the search results presented to the searcher, so it is necessary to restrict the automated blogs like this .... 

In addition to reducing the quality of search results, blogs like this cause duplicate content, so sometimes there is a page containing the actual results 2-3 meteri exact same.

Reason # 5 The Referencing Google Removes Blog or Distribution Password Hacking Account

As we know that the many blogs that contain materials that contain passwords or how to hack accounts on premium websites that should only be accessible to those who pay.Google is also trying to fight things like this out of respect for the intellectual rights of other system builders website.

Reason # 6 Google Removes Blog Breaking Down The Spread Method Copyrighted Software

Same reason the 5 points above that respect intellectual property rights of others. If my friends do not understand the above, then we simplify it so PIRACY.

Google really does not support piracy in any activity in its products, because it is directly related to corporate social responsibility in the legal system in the U.S.. So if you want to create a blog containing pirated goods ..... do not use blogspot, because if you can see deleted ....

Reason # 7 Blog With Google Removing Activity Referral (People Find People)

Both the program GET PAID TO .... or MLM, or projects to earn money instant, PTC, PTS, and so did not get support from Google. Commercial blogs like this that are referrals should use a platform other than the blogspot, because the blogger TOS does not approve content like this ....

Reason # 8 Blogger Blog The intercepts Removing Content From Other Websites or Blogs

This intention is also automated blog content. But the content published is not sourced from the script, but tapped into RSS feeds from other blogs. We used to call autoblog.Whether it's copyrighted content or not, still I do not tolerate blogs like this.

Reason # 9 Google Removes Blog That Violates Copyright

Copyright here is not just the article only loh. Images, video, software, audio and other propagated through blogs without the permission of copyright owners at risk if the complaint is received by the Google DMCA takedown will result in removal.

Reason # 10 Blog-Blog Great with Mixed Content What Not Focused and Not Related

This one is completely new I know violates the TOS, because many themed blogs news blogs that have a very diverse label. Recent years do not seem to mind the Blogger blogs like this. But after these blogs to be great, one at a time this blog is deleted. Blogspot biggest hodgepodge sweep blogger is affected by alexa rank 15,000 terselubung.blogspot.com late .....

Huge traffic and visitors a positive signal does not seem to affect the decision of Google, because very few blogs this mix is ​​back online .... This is actually the reason most surprising to me than all the other reasons .... Maybe I still have to seek further clarification about why Google does not approve blogs like this.

Reason # 11 Blog-Blog Google Removes Illegal Downloads, Streaming and Torrents

I felt no need to explain this one point at length, because my friends already know what is meant by illegal downloading, streaming and torrents this. So if your blog has content like this charge is better disciplined before Google that curb .... But if all of its content as it is, so what may make ..... hope just escaped the bullets whistling blogger ..

Reason # 12 Google Removes Blog-Blog That Make Money From Adult Content

If your blog is currently making money from adult contents, then you must be alert when using blogspot, because Google will remove blogs like this if found. Google calls these blogs such as porn spam blog ....

So here's 12 reasons Google Removes a blogspot blog platform .... What matters is the number of outstanding issues that blog optimization over who was struck by a Google algorithm penguin will also bear fruit removal. If the issue is true, then the TMS blog will be entered into the list of risky due in April had to experiment on this one .... Another factor that could also be added is SEO CONTEST. Basically this SEO contest actually violate the TOS of Google, where many people put up a link to a site for thinking about money and not the quality of the site. Parties Google itself has stated that this SEO contest keywords pursue its search so that there can affect the quality of search and Google did not agree with things like that. Mid-July yesterday, pretty much erased SEO contest blog and it being a bad signal for blogspot users who hooked contest .... It seems not long before users will rise sharply wordpress (^ _ ^)


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