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Choose Blogspot Or Wordpress?

Choose Blogspot Or Wordpress?

Pilih Blogspot Atau Wordpress

Which One is Better Blogger or Wordpress? - Are you confused want to choose which blog platform. Actual service provider blog very much, but this time I will only discuss the two biggest platforms that blogspot and wordpress.

Note the points of comparison between blogger and wordpress that is below ....

Editing Template
I think for this one problem is superior bloggers because bloggers give much discretion to edit templates and layouts. In contrast to wordpress, first time trying I could not find a way to edit the style sheet from the template. Turns should use hosting and domain name for it.Later is a free open manner, which utilize a free domain name and free hosting service.But whatever it is for the fans ... this hassle free.
I chose Blogspot 

Default Template
First time I quit blogging world, stock original blogger template is still very limited.Wordpress time it looks quite the lead in this regard. But this time with designer features a very nice template, blogspot from blogger.com is more fun for me ....
The winner for this point still Blogspot 

Tutorial Blog
Until now there are more tutorials for blogspot compared to wordpress. So for beginners will be easier to learn than the wordpress blogger. But some wordpress users are already accustomed to say that WordPress can be very easy. But still, to this point still more blogger tutorial. So in terms of blogging tutorial available ....
still ahead Blogspot 

Many Plugin
For business I see this one is still ahead of the wordpress blogger. Even existing SEO plugin wordpress SEO can make very practical. In contrast to most SEO bloggers setting should play on EDIT HTML .... can be quite a headache beginners
This time I chose WordPress

Codes Used
Blogspot is built with HTML, XML, and CSS. This is a coding language that includes very easy. In contrast to wordpress also use PHP. Although I have no problem with PHP but I'm sure, far fewer people than the master PHP HTML. But on the other hand PHP also allows the creation of a wider audience.

So if you love the ease, then Blogger is the winner .... but for those who like creations are much more varied functions, then WordPress is the right choice. However, since people tend to master simple language such as HTML, then to this point ....
Regained the lead, Blogspot 

Variations Free Templates
Currently still a lot more free templates for blogspot, because it makes blogspot template itself is very easy. Even many wordpress template adopted into blogspot platform. It just needs to be noted here, simply because so many free templates blogspot ... does not mean we can change-change template as often as possible.
So this time, the way ahead ... Blogspot 

Dashboard Display
For those who are just starting out again for blogging 6 months ago. I am dealing with a new dashboard from blogspot and wordpress. Turns out I was accustomed to faster blogger dashboard and navigation system. This dashboard means to issue the winner is ....
Getting tired of saying this, but this time still ... Blogspot 

Change the Template
When comparing the two providers of this blog to change the template problem, obviously I still favor blogspot. Wordpress should have hosting and domain name first if you want to change the template. This indeed can be tricked by using a free host and free domain name. But still hosting a free book just to change the template it was a hassle. Not to mention totally free domain name is not SEO friendly, especially co.cc.
So this time ... still Blogspot 

Variations Widget
Nowadays more and more developers are widgets for bloggers, but the comparison between the widgets are made according to his own blogspot compatibility outpacing the number of widgets for wordpress. But if I could honestly not too much wear widgets of all sorts. Somehow widget which can be as much as it plays an important role when only a little. So who's the winner? Due to the variation problem if you talk, we talk numbers, thus the winner ....
widget for variation points still Blogspot 

Feature Comment
Wordpress has many advantages here. In addition to be moderated, comments can also be edited. Besides protection spamnya also well known (although sometimes a bit loud).Form comments from wordpress also more visitor friendly. On the other hand Google just offered only moderation and captcha. So in comparison this time I chose ...
the winner is WordPress

SEO Friendly
When viewed in terms of practicality, then I have to pick up for wordpress, because wordpress has a plugin for SEO needs. Should be recognized this plugin is very easy in onpage optimization process. Unlike the blogspot which should play in EDIT HTML, and this could really confusing for beginners.
So this time the winner is WordPress

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Rank
Many say here blogspot defeated. Really? Why Google should menganaktirikan own products? Actually, in terms of ranking no dianakemaskan by Google. All the same platform, the origin webmasternya can hold settings that meet quality standards of Google.
So to the problem SERP result is DRAW

Restriction Comments
Blogspot can restrict comments only from users google account, Open ID, or even Anonymous. While WordPress does not know restrictions comments like this. So for this one feature is clear wordpress not my choice.
My choice is still Blogspot 

Import Blog
Blogspot seems to acknowledge excellence wordpress here. Blogspot only accept imports from fellow blogspot blog. While wordpress is much more flexible. To receive import Wordpress blog from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, LiveJournal and Movable Type and TypePad.
So this time the winner is WordPress

Video Storage Capacity Limits
As far as my blogspot provides video storage limit of 1GB, 3GB while providing wordpress. WordPress provides access to get more capacity if we do the upgrade. So in the video capacity issues it was clear who the winner ...
Again led Wordpress

Image Storage Capacity Limits
Google's product menyedikan only image storage capacity of 1GB on Picasa Web Albums. For me this is very small capacity. Image storage capacity provided by its competitors still more fun, which is 3GB. This capacity can still be enlarged when doing an upgrade.
Thus this point is also dominated by Wordpress


File Types That Can Be Uploaded
Blogger only allows graphical displays to be uploaded as images and video. Unlike the WordPress which also receive files ppt, pdf, doc, odt and. File types can be added as an upgrade. For those of you who want to create a blog that also offers a document, then it may not be the best option blogspot ....
This point was won by Wordpress

My personal opinion is considered blogspot blog from blogger.com provider that is more suited to my needs. On the other hand blogger.com indeed provide a much-needed 3 things bloggers, namely: Flexibility template editing, Video Storage, and Image Storage.It is a gift of its own for millions of young people around the world who lack the budget to do their online activity.

On the other hand wordpress even has some advantages, such as its SEO plugin. So this blog providers also have their own fans. But again this is just my opinion of unilateral. If anyone has another opinion, may be shared here to help the beginner bloggers make a judgment.


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