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cara agar blog muncul di Google terdiri atas 3 tahapan besar
How to appear in Google's blog that actually requires a fairly complex process.Although I have repeatedly seek explanations simple and easy to understand, still much remains constrained in its execution .... Hopefully this explanation can be understood by many people.

In simple that you need in order to appear in Google's blog just 3 things, namely: 
  • SEO friendly template blog
  • Diligently writing quality articles SEO , and
  • Diligent search for backlinks to your blog.
It was all just what you need for your blog appear in Google. But that does not mean you can do this with ease. Each stage takes a complex process. For example for blog templates, when I mentioned the problem meta tags, headings, alt tags, title tags, and so forth .... just a lot of beginner bloggers began to feel dizzy.

1. How to get SEO Friendly Templates to blog appear in Google

My advice if you do not know how to edit the template, use the template SEO Friendly is already finished. You can use a collection of blog SEO friendly template blog, or SEO friendly template that anywhere in the virtual world ....

If you do not like the design, then you can download a template that you feel cool from any source. Then find the service to be SEO Friendly template editing .... I used to have a friend who wants to do this, but now he's busy again ... So try using Google to search for services like this .....

If you have found, you want to tell that your blog will meet the criteria as contained in article Criteria Template SEO Friendly Blog ....

Usually costs a SEO Friendly template editing that between 25 thousand to 40 thousand.This is the value that is cheap when compared to you must learn first to know HTML settings on blogspot.

If it turns out you do not find a template that you like then you can use the service to create a template from scratch .... These services usually cost between Rp.200.000 Rp.75.000 up, depending on how complex the template you want. But my advice, it should be simple template ....

This step is actually not mandatory, it's just that it can allow you to make the blog appear in Google. If you do not do this, then you have to try harder in the third step ....

2. Diligent quality SEO Article Writing blogs to appear on Google

If you can write one article a day, then in a year you will have 300 blog's article. This should be enough to give you traffic up to 6000 visitors per day a year later. You need to note is: Give the bold print on the keywords that you think are important in your article. Do not forget to enter a brief description in the Description Search option when typing articles. Read how in the article meta description ....

3. Lastly, Routine Search Backlink For Your Blog

The more backlinks you get, the greater the power of your blog. A backlink is a remarkable process that is difficult to obtain for a beginner. If you have the capital, you can use SEO services to find backlinks but also cost millions. But if you do not have the capital, then forced you to do it yourself ....

Little guide to finding backlinks you can earn in the article how to get backlinks . If you can get 100,000 backlinks, then you are likely to harvest thousands of visitors each day. Of course it all depends on the value of competition and the number of applicants from your keywords.
That it is also necessary to consider .... do not let your article dicopas others .... If you let Copas happen then the potential that had 6000 visitors could stay late 300s. It seriously loh. I realized this when I saw the article directory seldom appear in the search results ....

Call it the largest is ezinearticle.com .... This site has more than 4,000,000 articles but visitors only at the level of hundreds of thousands per day. That means this site requires dozens of articles to get a single visitor. And this trend continues to decrease, .... see chart below ....
ezine makin jarang muncul di Google
All that because of all the articles in the ezine is intended for dicopas. So can you imagine what would happen if your blog only has hundreds of articles that dicopas others? Say Good Bye to the thousands of visitors that you dream ....

So that you do not confuse this as just another try .... Use SEO Friendly Template, find backlinks morning and afternoon writing articles, doing continuous .... saturated if ya break a day or two days is not a problem.

Not fun huh? Well what can we do, it is so life of a blogger ....


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