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Knowing How To Ranking In Google SERP

Knowing How To Ranking In Google SERP

periksa peringkat blog saudara di SERP
How to determine the actual ranking in Google SERP very much. Friends had a lot of alternative ways to do this. Can use analytics, webmaster tools, or other programs. But this time I will just give you the easy way alone ....

Easy Ways Knowing Keyword Ranking In Google

To determine the position or ranking friends in Google, we can use an external tool from http://www.whatsmyserp.com/serpcheck.php. But it should be noted that this tool will only seek to TOP 300 only.

Advantages of this tool is very easy to use them .... For my friends who want to know the current rankings in Google, then please follow the steps below ....
  • Go to its web page here
  • Friends will see some columns, namely:
    • Domain Name = Column for entering the domain website or blog you want to know the rank in Google (without http:// and www)
    • Region = Column Google to include the desired region (eg Indonesia (www.google.co.id)
    • Competition Domain = Column for entering the URL rivals but this is optional only. Can be left blank if deemed unnecessary.
For more details see the image below ....
layar input data blog yang ingin diketahui ranking pada SERP Google
At the bottom of these columns there is a place to enter the keywords you want to rank in Google SERP checked .... Brother can enter multiple keywords at once, and if the column is less just click the add row at the bottom ....
kolom memasukkan kata kunci yang akan diperiksa ranking Google
So please submit all of the keywords you want to check its position on the SERP and click CHECK ALL KEYWORDS. This site requires a short amount of time to search all data for the keywords that you enter into the system.

Ranking in Google will display on colom Curr (Current), which means Google rankingtoday. While Prev (Previous) is ranking at the previous inspection, and Best is the best position ever achieved by your blog. If this is the first examination, there will be no previous history of so that it will be empty.

Please note that just because the site is not displaying the results, it does not mean you are not yet indexed. Once again keep in mind that this site only displays the top 300 only.It should also be noted that this site will not always work, because I actually do not like a site like this and trying to block a site like this.

If this site is not working, then please find it manually or look in Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics. Clearly these methods are not practical as a method of checking SERP position at the top.

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