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Social Media Important For SEO?

Social Media Important For SEO?

the influence of social media on google ranking quite noticeably
Social media such as facebook , twitter, LinkedIn , Pinterest , and YouTube is said to have a positive point for SEO . It is quite interesting to discuss, so I tried to look for from several sources to create this article.

I myself tried hard to understand, why social signal can be regarded as a beneficial factor for SEO. I certainly will not go into anymore trouble Google Plus, as I myself have seen the benefits of SHARE on Google Plus . But what about the facebook, twitter, et al? Because if you think about it, LIKE on Facebook or twitter URL on the nofollow. Then what use to improve SEO? So after reading from several sources I came to know, that the effect was not a direct effect but the side effects medication alone # like eating .... So if we really terrific play in the social network, we will then blog got the side effects of the strengthening position in Google SERP, et al. The question now is .... why is that?

Why Social Media Can Improve Ranking In Google?

From SEO practitioners who use a variety of metrics to monitor search engine rankings, all agree that social media can improve ranking signal. It's just that they are still arguing about the reasons that led to it. Several of the most popular opinion I enter in this article ..... I only choose 2 opinion only because it seems most striking to this problem ....

Social Media raise the co-citation of the blog

Social Media like facebook is nofollow, but at least able to raise co-citation from our blog.Perhaps many blogger friends who do not understand what the co-citation. What is meant by co-citation is quoted when we link together with other links on a web page. Confused? I mean like this .... If the blog A and blog B quoted on the facebook page that discusses a topic, then Google will assume page A and B are related, although in between there is no link at all. Was not this a nofollow link on facebook? Yes, that means no nofollow will give us points and points page keywords, but it does not mean I do not know that there's a link that leads to some sites that discuss topics that uniform ....

Social Media Boost Google Ranking Factor

It also seems quite striking, because blogs are popular in social media visitors the opportunity to increase the value of the return, reduce bounce rate, and of course add pegunjung-new visitors each day. Both returning visitors , bounce rate , or unique visitorsis ranking factors that could in the jack not only from search engines, so long as you install the tracking code Google Analytics . The problem this time, you must build a popular social media first before feeling the effects ....

What Needs To Be Done To Boost The Popularity Of Blogs In Social Media?

Well that's the thing .... This is one thing that could be considered ridiculous. In the world of social media, if you want popular, then you must first popular, and popular way for it it should start from 0 too .... But from what I read many references to popular social media was more to think creative rather than hard work . Just look at the case Sinta and Jojo, and many more are popular not because of hard work, but because of creativity ... and happen to like the idea a lot of people .... There are many techniques for popular virtual world by using social media, but that includes a jackpot of course like youtube earlier artists are popular because creativity. The rest ya still be out the cost, time, energy, and be patient .... The most popular example today is making the fan page, and advertise on Facebook to get a lot of like. Unfortunately this is difficult for some people rada .... not because the price of expensive advertising, but must have a credit card to place an ad like this .... So if you do not have money or credit cards, then you should be able to make an interesting statuses or even provocative that could trigger the Click to share or give LOVE or re-tweet .... Later, after the fan page or business page has a lot of followers, so we just stayed promote our links page fan page, and visitors will start arriving .... Just imagine if you have a fan page with 500,000 likes, and every posting the URL there is 1% who stopped by, it's just been pretty once .... Building on the popularity as it does look like a long-term project. But if it works, then visitors tend to be more secure than merely relying on search engine algorithms constantly changing .... So the future looks like my blog is also willing to further explore the issue of social media, however, because according to the alexa facebook today is the site most visited man in cyberspace ....


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