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how Can You Know The Number Backlink Blog?

how Can You Know The Number Backlink Blog?

I know the amount of backlinks blogs of others

How Can You Know the Number Backlink Blog? However backlink SEO is still the most impact indicators. So monitor the backlink is required to work a blogger who hopes her blog appear in search results pages / Google SERP, and his friends.
Attention! the blogger friends that really beginner. This article is not recommended for you. Brother blog optimization process should start from the guide easy SEO trick veranda . If not ...optimization could be brother would not be optimal. ONCE AGAIN, THIS IS NOT FOR THE BEGINNER BLOGGER ....

Ok, we continued .... The question is not only how to observe backlinks to your blog, but also how other people look at the number of backlinks . Peep backlink others is a job that can help us find dofollow backlinks-backlinks .... THIS IS THE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS ARTICLE TO UNDERSTAND ....

How Can You Know the Number Backlink Own Blog?

To do this is very easy if you blog blogspot platform, because your blog will be automatically enrolled in Google's Webmaster. But if you blog the other platform, then the blog should be listed first in Google's Webmaster . Having blog listed on Google Webmaster Tool, perform the following procedure:
  • Log into Google Webmaster Tools using your Google account
  • In GWT homepage, please select the blog you want to view backlinknya and click on the name of the blog
  • You will be brought into the blog dashboard. Click the menu on the left sidebar TRAFFIC
  • New sub-menu will appear, and click on LINKS TO YOUR SITE
  • GWT will load a new page and at the top of the new page that will be the number of backlinks to your blog.
In this way we can get the number of backlinks that comes closest to the actual conditions because somehow Google is the largest search engines today .... with an index that can be said in the world.

The nature of the data in GWT is private, so that other people will not be able to see how many backlinks we are. That means Google Webmaster Tools can not be used to peek backlink others .... unless you can perform the hack on the Google account.

So what can be done to peek backlink others? Actually there are a lot of ways, but way below that I often use ....

How Can You Know the Number Backlink Blog Others?

There are many websites that you can use, but I mostly wear ahrefs.com site. To use this site you need to register first.

Sign up site ahrefs.com
  • Visit her site here
  • Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS, and type the password into the PASSWORD field and the Retype Password field
  • Ahrefs.com'll email account activation link to your email
  • Open the email and click on the activation link in it ....
  • You already have an account on ahrefs.com
Now let's see how to use this ahrefs.com .... So I would invite friends to peek backlinks seo blog just this simple trick. We were scared of peeping other people's blogs, its later angry ^ _ ^

  • First, visit the homepage ahrefs.com
  • Enter the URL http://trikmudahseo.blogspot.com in the "Enter a Domain or Url"
  • Then click the SEARCH button .... LINK More see in the image below.

I know the number of backlinks from other blogs

  • Furthermore, observe OVERVIEW page of my blog backlink.
overview display of backlinks blog trikmudahseo.blogspot.com
Note that in the overview above my mark 4 important parts.
  • A is the total backlinks blog that goes into this site index
  • B is the link to display the top 500 pages that provide backlinks to the site which analyzed
  • C is a pie chart our blog properties, and
  • D is a graph of the increase in backlink blog that's find.

I'll explain a little about the 4 important parts.

As you see that this website displays the number of the link to my blog my homepage, and the data in the 45,000 range. In contrast to the results I observed in the Google Webmaster, where the number of inbound links I CURRENTLY ranged in 900,000.

From observing some of my blog took a tentative conclusion that the data displayed on this website ahrefs ranged between 1/15 to 1/30 of the data in Google Webmaster Tools.So if the reported number of backlinks is 1000, then the likelihood version of Google Webmaster is between 15,000 to 30,000.

After knowing the number of backlinks blogs of others, would you be interested to know of any backlink is derived. If you sign up using a free account, then you will only be allowed to see the 500 page course .... Want to see more? Lists only the paid package ..... or peep MORE OTHER WEBSITE ^ _ ^

This pie chart displays the properties of inbound links in my blog. Try on each line.
  1. TEXT, REDIRECT, FRAME is the physical form of a link. It turns out my blog is 100% gain in the form of text links
  2. DoFollow and NOFOLLOW is the nature of the backlinks that determines whether the page is to give points to my page. From the pie chart above we can see that only 4.5% that does not give points to my page ....
  3. SITEWIDE and NOT SITEWIDE. Sitewide means to declare a link displayed on all pages of the blog. From the pie chart above we can know that 53% of my links come from the results in the article comments, forums, social bookmarking, and other directories. While the remaining 47% comes from the sidebar or footer blogs of others.
Why are graphs used to increase my backlinks uphill and then down, and then began to climb again at a slower pace than before? Is there something wrong?

Actually it is in accordance with my expectations. I created this blog in late March 2012.With the hope of chasing Alexa Rank of 100,000 within a year I had to find a lot of auto backlinks. Finally all types dofollow backlinks I devoured it. Both the static and dynamic ...I definitely step.

As a result it is clear, ... dynamic links that eventually knocked out one by one, and out of the index. It's just according to my original plan, .... my blog is quite popular and has begun to reap the backlink itself from various sources so that it can fairly compensate the dynamic links that began to fall.

But overall I'm quite satisfied with this strategy, because I am the original target of 100 thousand alexa rank achieved in one year, it was the fortune of God given thousands alexa rank 20 to 10 this month .... Thank you also for my friends who regularly visited blogger alexa streamline my blog.

So in conclusion, the graph up and down shows that the majority of backlinks that are dynamic and not permanent ....


1. Define Target spied
Usually if you pursue fresh backlinks and quality is guaranteed. Peek-backlinks backlink from blog SEO contest was won. So once again try to open a list of SEO Contest 2012 and 2013, and list-a list of blogs that managed to sit in the top 10 for each contest.

Not recommended for peek SEO contest that is too old, because most pages backlinknya already invaded, or even gone backlinknya page. So to prevent wasted effort, just the fresh catch.

Make a list of the blogs that made ​​it into the top 10 in the SEO contest from 2012 to 2013 ....

2. Peek URL and URL Filter Results spied
As I explained above, you can peek backlinks from blogs everywhere. Although limited to 500 backlinks per URL, but it could be a brother like millions Alau diligent "peek" a lot of blogs. Results "spied" it will have to be processed first .... because we seek a just and that SIDEWIDE NOT DoFollow ....

Why should NOT SIDEWIDE? Because SIDEWIDE is NOT backlink backlink results of comments that can be installed by anyone. Unlike the backlink SIDEWIDE installed on the sidebar or footer. Backlink types SITEWIDE more difficult because you need admin approval of the blog to get backlinks ....

Why should DoFollow? Because if NOFOLLOW just a waste of time. Of course you do not want tired without success, right? So let's filter is used to link one by one ....

Filter URL backlinks from blogs that you create on a limited first ACTIVITIES NOT SITEWIDE and DoFollow.

The trick is .... OVERVIEW pages still on the screen scroll down until you find the heading Backlinks TYPES ... Find a link on the numbers and SITEWIDE NOT click on the link.

dofollow backlinks how to hunt are not SITEWIDE
You will be taken to a new page where there is a panel filter to restrict the type of data being served. On the panel to change the criteria DoFollow ALL .... so that will be displayed is NOT SITEWIDE links are DoFollow. (See picture below)

filter set of results data that served

3. Put Link In URL Filter Results
After collecting the URLs, of course you need to put the link one by one on these pages.After a list of links to be really specific, it's time to visit the web pages.

But before doing that, please activate the plugin or add-on SEO QUAKE on your browser.Enable the option STRIKE THROUGH "NOFOLLOW" AND "NOINDEX" on the add-on is to find the dofollow blog page.

Visit the URLs and comments posted a link to the keywords that you are targeting

If you are worried about weight loading pages, then set the add-on SEO QUAKE only for display parameter Pagerank GOOGLE it .... Enable the option also STRIKE THROUGH "NOFOLLOW" AND "NOINDEX". If necessary also disable your browser's options on the LOAD IMAGE automatically .... so pages loaded very quickly .... but your risk will be constrained in the blogs that require CAPTCHA verification to comment.

4. Create a Database URL that is mounted
Surely you do not want to dig a hole and cover the hole constantly. Not a smart way if every time you want to perform the optimization must do hunt backlinks again and again.So you should save the URLs you pass the sensor to be used again at a later time.

Creating a database URL is dofollow backlink

Note that before I ask you to activate the add-on SEO Quake. It aims so that you can know if a page that really dofollow. If the link was dropped, meaning the nofollow and you do not need to comment on that URL.

But if you see the link is not stripped of its meaning dofollow, so just leave a comment.Remember before you close the page, save the URL and its PR value Ms.Excel page, for civil use again in the future .... Keep the pages that have a page rank in the top 3 in a special tab.

Here's an example from my Ms.Excel:
list of microsoft excel for backlinks that have been done
Sorry, my cover data. I've certainly given his fishing rod, and I also have taught techniques of fishing .... cook I have to give my fishing also results? Blogger Indonesia is not a child who must be spoon-fed baby all right? So the spirit of ya! ^ _ ^

Like you see that my Excel consists of several tabs, and each tab has so many URLs. For the database tab at the top there are about 65,000 links, and I have to again open the new tab, because Excel considers most row. But the most important tab is the tab for my SPECIAL HIGH PR, because that is where I keep a list of backlinks from pages that have a PageRank 3 or above.

But more detail about making this backlink database I will discuss in another article. Four activities above is enough to be a daily routine work the brothers during the next 2-3 months ....

Is the above trick has everything? Of course not, SEO is very broad, and there are several layers of tricks. After obtaining the URL backlinks from other blogs using ahrefs, ... we can still make each of those links leads us to the hundreds of thousands of other links. So we can list swelled to hundreds and even thousands of times from the beginning ....

As information for blogger friends who've read the above article .... To write and discuss advanced tricks alone would be exhausting, let alone execute actions .... So wait, yes .... If the opportunity is opened again trick definitely deeper.

Ok, "tool" is given and "technique" has been taught. But the "tool" is useless if not used, and "techniques" will not be honed if not practiced. In the end the human qualities which will also determine the outcome of a competition. That lazy ..... certainly not going anywhere. Hopefully this article can help my friends understand the difficulty of hunting down bloggers quality backlinks.

So first article I know the amount of backlinks and peep other blogs. Hopefully no use for blogger friends ....

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