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What Causes Hard Blog Indexed By Google?

What Causes Hard Blog Indexed By Google?

cari tahu apa penyebab blog anda begitu susah terindex di Google
Many are asking the question "What is the cause of the difficulty blog indexed byGoogle? And I was desperately looking for backlinks still I can not find my blog on theSERP. Incoming Even if only in the back pages"

Yes I found many problems like this among my friends, so I will try as much as possible give a simple explanation about this ....

The Basic Cause Google Indexed Blogs Difficulty Or Other Search Engines

It should be noted that the mean indexed into the Google index. Just because we do not blog entry on the first page does not mean it's hard to blog indexed. To find out if your blog indexed, please do a search on Google by typing site: urlblog ....

For example: site: http://bindasseo.blogspot.com

After that see if there is a significant result by the number of pages you .... Normally the indexed amount is always much more than the number of articles, because there were always other pages besides page article. So for example you have 100 articles, then it could be that there is more of it in the index.

If you really like it, then your blog is actually no problem in indexing, it's just still too weak to compete with other blogs. Cause blog too weak to contend that there are many, some of which are:
  • Backlink still lacking (see article: How to get backlinks )
  • Onpage optimization is very bad (read the article: How to do SEO Onpage )
  • Still no sanctions influence of Google, (read article: Types of sanctions / penalties Google )
  • and much more ....
But, if it turns out your blog indexed but fewer than page article, then chances are there are errors on the hosting server, or there are errors in the value of robots.txt. 2 it was often the main cause of a hard blog indexed properly ....

To find out which one is the problem my friends can log in to Google Webmaster Tools, and select the blog you want to check. Once logged in blogs, please click the SEARCH menu, and select TAKE AS GOOGLE, and try to enter the URL of the homepage, the URL of the article 1, 1 URL label, and see what results you can ....

Should homepage URL and the article was SUCCESS, whereas it failed because the URL label robots.txt settings. But if my friends get a failure due to robots.txt unreachable, then try to ask your server or hosting (wordpress users, and the like).

Then how do I know if there is an error in robots.txt? I do not have a robots.txt article about this, but try to visit the page http://www.robotstxt.org/ . There is a very complete discussion.

Blog Indexed But Difficult Once In First Page Of Google

If this is the case your blog means having the points I have mentioned above, the lack of backlinks, or bad onpage, or are in a period of sanctions without your permission.

But sometimes it is pretty basic mistake, which Google can not read your page because there are elements that are "blocking" or not readable by search engine robots. If you like this, then my friends had to make sure that the web page has a pretty good text to be read by Google ...

If my friends wear too many elements that look cool, but can not be seen by search engines, then that would be damaging position your blog in the search results.

To find out whether your blog can be read properly by Google then please see the cache from your blog. Type in the cache: url on Google's search box.
For example: cache: http://bindasseo.blogspot.com

Later will open your blog page, but coming from the Google database. Please click TEXT-ONLY VERSION .... and see whether all the text that you read on blogs is also in Google's version of the text. If all the main text there, then your blog should pretty well indexed by Google.

Ok, so it used to be ... Hopefully this article can help a little friends are hard to overcome blogs indexed. But of course the solution is not always easy .... especially for a blog that is being sanctioned.


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